2. TransFormations Trans* Film Festival Berlin


Organized by Team of Black PoC trans*, two sprit, gender non-conforming people who want to make a change by creating and sustaining a space for intersectional films from (but not limited to) the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, PoC folks speaking about or from trans* and/ or gender-variant experiences.

Each of them is also involved in other grassroots organizations and community based projects that are devoted to creating empowering spaces and producing social impact.

2nd TransFormations Trans* Film Festival Berlin: 27. November - 02. Dezember 2018

The Festival is looking for intersectional films that explore transgender, inter or gender-variant approaches to and/ or within films. We encourage film- and videomakers with whom our objectives resonate to contribute stories that are multi-layered.

Currently looking for films that address or extend beyond the following topics and categories:

* work related * generational * family * prison * borders * music * art * experimental * sports * health * porn * education * accessibility * animation *

Submit your film!

Deadline: June 1st, 2018!


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