BHM 2016


black history month


Kelvin Sholar Presents Black Music Renaissance for this year´s BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

In cooperation with WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, award-winning pianist Kelvin Sholar presents the second installment of “Black Music Renaissance": a four-day powerhouse event with the goal to celebrate the common threads of rhythm, harmony and melody that unites all music of the African diaspora.

This year, features tributes to John and Alice Coltrane, The music of Africa, The Women and Men of Gospel music and the legends of the Blues. The all-star cast of artists includes American, African and European musicians; like Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Christina Wheeler, Suleymanne Toure, Aly Keita, MFA Kera, Arcadius Didavi, Dorrey Linn Lyles, Pastor Kirk Smith, JC Dook, Eb Davis, Charles Sammons, Andy Galore, Leon Schurz, Eric Vaughn and Marlon Browden.

Kelvin Sholar is a musician that knows no stylistic boundaries. He has won over ten awards for music and appeared on over one hundred recordings, in wildly ranging styles. Sholar is featured in live performances by Stevie Wonder, Kevin Saunderson or Carl Craig, Qtip, Nigel Kennedy and many others; not to mention his acclaimed work with original music, or the music of Jeff Mills, Rob Hood, Earth, Wind and Fire- and many others.

 Program FRIDAY February 5

Tribute To John And Alice Coltrane

Set 1: Features Los Angeles Native Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq's interpretations of John Coltrane's “A Love Supreme" Suite, including other famous compositions.

  • Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq: Electronic and Acoustic Saxophones
  • Kelvin Sholar: Piano
  • Charles Sammons: Bass
  • Eric Vaughn: Drums
  • special guest Jumaa Alexander: Vocals

Set 2: Features Los Angeles Native Christina Wheeler's interpretations of the music of Alice Coltrane

  • Christina Wheeler: vocals, sampler, electronics, theremin
  • Alaa Zouiten: Oud
  • Kelvin Sholar: Piano, Electronics
  • Charles Sammons: Bass, Electronics
  • Eric Vaughn: Drums, Electronics

Program FRIDAY February 12

A Tribute to the Music of MAMA Africa

Set 1 and 2 Features
A tribute to the classic and original music of Africa via an ensemble of world class African musicians.

  • Souleymane Touré - Hand percussion
  • JC Doo-Kingue - Guitar
  • MFA Kera - Voice
  • Arcadius Didavi - E-Bass
  • Kelvin Sholar - Piano

Program FRIDAY February 19

Tribute To The Women And Men Of Gospel

Set 1: Features New Jersey Native Dorrey Linn Lyles's (The Weather Girls) tribute to the women of Gospel; while Set 2 Features Chicago native Pastor Kirk Smith (The Voice of Germany) tribute to the men of Gospel.

  • Dorrey Lin Lyles - Voice
  • Kirk Smith - Voice
  • Kelvin Sholar - Piano
  • Marlon Browden -Drums
  • Charles Sammons - Bass

Program FRIDAY February 26

Tribute To The Legends Of The Blues

Features Mike Russell's tribute to the masters of the Blues; including special guest, the "Ambassador of the Blues" Eb Davis.

  • Eb Davis - Voice
  • Mike Russell - Guitar
  • Kelvin Sholar- Piano
  • Marlon Browden- Drums
  • Charles Sammons - Bass