November 2010


Nollywood Spezial

Donnerstag 18.11.2010 19:00 Uhr | Club

Eintritt: Frei

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Kurator/-in: J. Enoka Ayemba



Spiel­film, Nigeria 2010, R: Kingsley Omoefe, 121 Min., engl. OV

Junge Menschen aus Lagos auf der Suche nach dem Glück: Endlich winkt dem seit Jahren arbeitslosen Öl-Ingenieur Akin ein Job, aber da kommt ihm Emeka – ebenfalls Ingenieur, ebenfalls ohne Anstellung – in die Quere …

Set in the city of Lagos, Nigeria Akin Onabolu, a petroleum engineering
graduate has been looking for employment for years. One night a chance
encounter in a parking lot with Honourable Jembe a friend of his late father
brings about a new opportunity. Honourable Jembe recommends him for a job.
He gives him his business card and writes a note on the back for the MD of
the company. Luck is not on his side because he loses his wallet containing
the card before he has the chance to interview at the company.

On the other side of Lagos we see Emeka who like Akin is an unemployed
graduate. He is behind on his house rent and due to be evicted when he sees
a man drop his wallet on the street. Instead of warning the man or returning
it, her waits until the man is out of eyeshot and grabs it. The opportunity
that was Akin¹s now becomes his.

Irene is Akin¹s girlfriend. She is employed in finance management but hates
her job, however she has to stay there as she needs the money to support
both herself and Akin. She models part time, and is just waiting for the
time that Akin gains employment so that she can quit her job and pursue her
dream full time.