April 2012



Donnerstag 19.04.2012 19:00 | Saal

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Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Kurator/-in: J. Enoka Ayemba




Spielfilm, Angola/Portugal/France 2005, 97 min., Portugiesisch mit engl. Untertiteln
Regie: Zézé Gamboa

At the age of 15, Vitório is recruited by the Angolan army, where he remains for two decades. Shortly before retiring from the army, he steps on a mine and loses a leg. Back on the streets of Luanda he discovers that the war has not ended. After 36 years of war, Angola is a country that is divided, a country whose population has to desperately fight for change. The war injured Vitório is a hero among many thousands -  his fight for normalcy is the everyday in the capital Luanda. But step by step he builds friendships that make his life more bearable. 

After a long time waiting, he finally manages to secure a prothesis.
With no job and unable to find his family, he faces indifference and
mockery. One night, while sleeping on the street, somebody steals his
prothesis. But he finds support on three people: the prostitute Judith, the
boy Manu and Joana, Manu’s teacher .

Winner of the Sundance World Dramatic Cinema Jury Grand Prize, 2005