Dezember 2012



Donnerstag 20.12.2012 19:00 Uhr | Saal

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Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Kurator/-in: J. Enoka Ayemba




Niji Akanni, Nigeria 2011, 119min | Colour/OmE

A fictitious, myth-like tale that is set in the tradition-bound
Yorubaland of 1909, this film spins the story of Aramotu, a
wealthy female trader, who dares to stretch the boundaries that
ancient myths and traditions place on the life of the women of
her time.

Aramotu tries to employ the social-engineering aspects
of the Gelede Cult to realize her progressive ideas about the
rights of women and the need for people-oriented governance
in her native Agesi village. Her crusade, in collaboration with a
rebellious artiste Gbegiro, not only jeopardizes her unusually
beautiful relationship with Akanmu, her supportive husband,
but also forces her to confront the venom of the community’s
reactionary elements - Olookande, the land-grabbing economic
shark, Lyalode, an envious women’s leader and a puppet-like
Head Chief.

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