April 2013


NAKED JAZZ presents: The Extended Family & guests

Samstag 06.04.2013 21:00 Uhr (Einlass) | Club

Eintritt: Eintritt: 9 € / 6 € / 3 € (mit Berlinpass)

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ NAKED JAZZ



NAKED JAZZ & the extended family präsentieren an diesem Abend die Band SLIVOVITZ als Gäste.

"I chose the band Slivovitz because they are bright, energetic, fun musicians and composers. There is definitley a serious, hopeful and futuristic point of view in their musical compositions and performance. They sound like a jazz band's mixture of Rock, Musical Theater, and Soulful blends. Seeing their show is an opportunity for inspiration that also allows you to dance inside and out."
- Eric Vaughn