Oktober 2014


Arabische Filmreihe

Mittwoch 15.10.2014 19:00 | Saal

Eintritt: frei

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. | EUME


Jews of Egypt

R: Amir Ramses | Egypt | 2013 | OmU

Trailer | Press

Jews of Egypt is a documentary that provides insight into the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community in the first half of the twentieth century until the Suez Crisis in 1956, which led to the grand exodus of Egyptian Jews. In doing so, the film attempts to understand how political events impacted the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community and the perception of Jews by Egyptians.


Director´s Note: "The film is an attempt to capture fragments from the lives of Jewish society in Egypt before and after 1948's war in Palestine and 1952's military coup in Egypt or the revolution as it is called in Egypt and a journey into the future to see their lives in their chosen or forced exile and even in the isolated live of the few who are still living in Egypt through their chitchat and stories, a portrait of that Egypt they lived and witnessed is drawn in the film through various characters living in France. The film explored the lives of politically engaged communists who formed the base of many liberal anti imperialist parties and movements in Egypt along with the stories of Shehata Harroun and Youssef Darwish who lived and died in Egypt, a life of struggle for the lower classes and a struggle to prove themselves as “Egyptian Jews” and not just Jews as the regime was trying to frame them, along comes the story of Albert one of the last remaining Jews in Egypt till today who decided that when he dies he will die in the same place where he was born."

Im Anschluss an den Film moderiert Viola Shafiq die anschließende Diskussion mit Najat Abdulhaq und Georges Khalil.

Der Film wird gezeigt im Rahmen einer 3-teiligen Reihe in Kooperation mit Mayadin al-Tahrir e.V. und EUME (Europa im Nahen Osten – der Nahe Osten in Europa), einem Forschungsprogramm am Berliner Forum Transregionale Studien.