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Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Hakim El-Hachoumi


Filmpremiere & Gespräch mit Regisseur Hakim El-Hachoumi

D | 2014 | 50 Min. | deutsch/arabisch mit englischen Untertiteln | R: Hakim El-Hachoumi


“I've given up my whole life ... I cannot sleep with the thought on my mind that tomorrow perhaps I am no longer here ... " Youssef said in despair.

His mother, Zeinab, came with her husband from Lebanon in hope to have a better future here in Germany. They have lived here for almost 20 years. They are forced to live with the possibility of deportation. The heart diseased father no longer knows what he can do ... Osman, the older boy is in love with his cousin Mariam. They want to get married but this is not possible as Mariam‘s sister (Nasima) was deported five months ago.

"They grew up and went to school here ... she had friends and her life memories ... they tore us apart ... late in the night the doorbell rang and several police officers came inside the apartment. In less than half an hour Nasima was gone ... “What has she done?”, asked Sharifa, mother of deportee Nasima.

Sharifa along with her family are also subject to deportation. Her husband has left the family two years ago and has left Germany. She now has to struggle through life on her own, bearing the responsibility of seven children.

Four women who share the same destiny are fighting for their existence and their families well-being. When Nasima was allowed to come back to Germany, they all had hope that better days will come... but the office of immigration does not give them any rest.