Februar 2015


In Memoriam

Samstag 28.02.2015 20:00 | Saal

Eintritt: frei (Spenden willkommen)

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Aari Damas


Dance Performance

To remember & honor the victims of natural catastrophes | To raise money to support the survivors of natural catastrophes

In Memoriam is an evening dedicated not only to remember, to honor the memories of those who have perished in natural disasters, but also, to help and to support those who have survived and left behind to deal with such tremendous losses.


The evening of dances is dedicated to the victims of natural disasters worldwide. And to those who have survived and are left behind to remember and to deal with such a tremendous loss and overwhelming trauma.

The earthquakes in Haiti, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, tsunami in Indonesia, in Japan, typhoon in the Philippines drought and monsoon in Africa, Asia. Around the world, nature reminds us that we share one planet. One earth. What affects one directly or indirectly affects another and others. Those precious lives are not forgotten. They never will be.


RYOANJI | Temple der zu Ruhe gekommenen Drachen

Tanz, Choreographie, Bühnenbild: Aari Damas
Musik: John Cage

A reflection on the classical ballet technique

CHTHONOS (excerpts) to Joseph Campbell

Konzept, Tanz, Choreographie: Aari Damas
Musik Compilation mixed by Aari Damas

Act 1: Descent
Act 2: Ascending: In Memoriam

In our myths, folktales and legends, the Hero or "The Chosen One" plays an essential role. He is the one who has founded cities and civilizations, fought dragons and demons and freed his people from bondage. He is the renewer, the light-bringer, the conqueror and the restorer of harmony by administrating justice. He has faced death and in some cases, has died and returned to life. He travels to far and exotic places. He wanders through the underworld, through the endless labyrinths, through unimaginable dangers to return to the world of the living with supernatural powers and great wealth i.e. knowledge, self-awareness, self-determination, spiritual and material riches. He returned to share with the living.