April 2015



Samstag 25.04.2015 20:00 | Saal

Eintritt: 20 / 15 / 10 € (with Berlinpass)

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Konservatorium für türkische Musik Berlin


BTMK Ensemble & Kudsi Erguner

Kudsi Erguner is regarded as one of the most important pioneer and contributor to the Ottoman Sufi and classical music as well as to the world music with his original projects. Erguner, one of the foremost nay masters of our times, is particularly famed for his activities helping to introduce Ottoman and sufi music to the world with internationally acclaimed projects and recordings.

He lives and works in Paris as a musician, composer, musicologist, teacher and author. Erguner comes from a family of Turkish musicians. His contact with many famous musicians from the older generation, who continually passed through his parents house, and his involvement with various Sufi brotherhoods, whose music and teachings Erguner studied, left their decisive marks on him. He received his training directly from his father, Ulvi Erguner, who was the last great master of the Nay. Kudsi Erguner studied also architecture and musicology in Paris, he has given concerts and played in major festivals throughout the world and has researched the music of India, Pakistan and Turkey, grounded diverse music ensembles, recorded numerous albums and has worked with such well known artists as Bob Wilson, Peter Gabriel, Maurice Bejart, Carolyn Carlson, Peter Brook, Didier Lockwood, Michel Portal, Tony Gatliff, Marc Minkovsky. Erguner has thus made authoritative contributions to world music.


He has documented and revived nearly forgotten musical tradition and brought them to the attention of the "Western" public, securing them a place within Europe’s cultural inheritance in this way he did also initiate the renaissance of the Ottoman Classical and Sufi music in Turkey. He has devised many original projects for the International Istanbul Music Festival namely “From Sufism to Flamenco’’, ‘’Ghazals’’, ‘’Ferahfeza Whirling Dervishes Ceremony‘’, ‘’Songs from Vienna and Istanbul : Schubert-Sevki Bey’’, “Rembetiko from Istanbul”, “Works of Prince Dimitri Kantemir & Ali Ufki”, “Islam Blues”, “Taj Mahal” “La Banda Alla Turka” “Ottomania” “ Fasl- Ottoman court music”. His project ‘’Passion d’ Istanbul‘’ commissioned by the French Government in 2000 was performed in a concert in Paris and recorded live on CD. He did create in Istanbul a choral with the muezzins, from mosques of Istanbul, and interpret the greatest composers from 15th 16th and 17 centuries. He did present for the first time in Istanbul a project called “Ilahiname” which brought together Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Muslim liturgical music of Istanbul. The last project of liturgical music was realised with Lycourgos Angelopoulos Choir from Greece and Muezzins of Istanbul. He did also compose in Ottoman style “the Goethe’s Divan” written in German language.