Oktober 2015


Soyut Boyut

Donnerstag 29.10.2015 20:30 | Club

Eintritt: 15,- /10,- /5,- €

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Murat Sezgi



Soyut Boyut, meaning 'abstract dimension' uses acoustic and electronic elements to approach one's sub-consciousness.

Having various projects together with different jazz musicians from Istanbul, the trio got together to feel themselves out of the written music styles they were included in. The idea of forming a free jazz trio caught them, promising that they will never talk about what they will be playing onstage, as well as their recording sessions.

The trio stays as close as possible to each other and go with the flow, in which ever way the music makes them feel like. No edits, no extensions are made on recordings. They hear, they listen, they play and send how they feel like into your conscious.

  • Sarp Maden - Guitar & Electronics
  • Engin Recepogullari - Sax
  • Ediz Hafizoglu - Drums