Februar 2016


Scents of Berlin Black Music

Samstag 27.02.2016 20:00 | Club

Eintritt: gegen Spende

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Thabo Thindi

Kooperation Flyer

SCENTS OF BERlin black music

This is a documentary film which invites us into a musical journey of the infiltration and long standing existence of Black Music in Germany. It looks at the impact and cultural influence of Black Music in Berlin (as a metaphoric representation of Germany). The film strives to go beyond just music and chronicles the lives of the pioneers and torch bearers of Black Music in this vibrant city. It evokes a discourse between the pioneers, connoisseurs and business sectors of Black Music.

Music is an unbelievable language that penetrates beyond cultures & norms to find itself a comfortable home in the souls of it’s hosts. It is something that travels beyond human imagination. “Scents of Berlin Black Music” seeks to highlight the role of music in human life by exploring the role black music plays in the Berlin society.


Berlin as a city has a reputation of being a mecca for artists from all corners of the globe, but it also has a strong history of division amongst it’s people. The west and the east, foreigners(new culture) and Berliners(local culture). “Scents of Berlin Black Music” delves into the topic of adopted foreign culture and its livelihood in this so-labelled homogenous nation. It explores the topic of immigration. An in-depth view at the challenges and accolades of life as a foreigner within this buzzing arty society.

The story is told through an eye of a “third world” soul in a first world “paradise”.
The film deliberately poses somewhat rhetorical scenarios _“what is black music¿, who can claim its origin and who has the entitlement/right to it’s profitable enjoyment¿” It provokes or rather seeks to instigate a dialogue about black music in Germany.

It could be said that “Scents of Berlin Black Music” depicts the historical life and modern existence of “BLACK MUSIC” in Berlin. But also tells the stories of Berlin as a city of attraction, otherwise known as Artists magnet. The film explores the intricacies of the co- existences of multitude of rich cultures in this space. Digging the story of Berlin Black Diamond.

Live performances by:

3 Women
Kelvin Sholar
Jumọke Adeyanju
Cremildo Caifaz
Arcadius Didavi
Vido Jelashe
and many others!

Come join us as we launch into this musical journey!