Mai 2016


World Wide Music

Freitag 27.05.2016 Einlass: 21:00 h | Club

Eintritt: 15,- / 10,- (erm.) / 5,- € (mit Berlinpass) | Kinder bis 14 J: Eintritt frei

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen


Berlin-Bagdad Bahn

Klezmer, Hora, Rebetiko, Hava, Köçek and more

In 1903 an ambitious project was inaugurated, that was supposed to unite, in the intentions of the founders, the cities of Berlin and Baghdad with a railway line of about 4,500 km across Germany (then German Empire), Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary (then together under Austro-Hungarian Empire), Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and finally Iraq (the latter three countries then united under the Ottoman Empire). The vicissitudes of history and the high costs of the project prevailed over the visionary intentions of the creators and the construction of the railway, after a few decades, when the construction was almost completed, was abandoned.
In spring of 2015, a group of musicians from some of these countries, met in Berlin to share a musical repertoire, combined with new compositions, which continues along the path of this ghost train that now belongs only to the imagination.

The repertoire of Berlin-Bagdad Bahn currently proposes "Klezmer" ballads (Yiddish music of the Jewish community in Germany and Hungary), the "Hora" (music with a frenzied pace from Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia), the "Rebetiko" (Greek music born in Ottoman times from the encounter between Byzantine music and Oriental "makam"), the "Hava" (typical compositions of the most outrageous clubs of the Ottoman Empire) as well as "Köçek" (music named after dancers dressed as women, who cheered the vaudeville in the Ottoman cities), and then ballads from Kurdistan, Armenia and Chechnya, rearrangements of popular heritage of "Asık" (sort of troubadours in perpetual artistic pilgrimage between Anatolia and Persia) up to Syrian and Arab songs and "Nihavend" (ballads of Persian origin). 

All mixed within the Berlin frame, now free port of the international diaspora from these countries, where, due to political instability or war, thousands of people and artists find refuge.


Freund_innen einladen

Wasim Ghrioui: Gesang
Mikail Yakut: Akkordeon
Serdar Saydan: Percussion
Daisam Jalo: Oud
Michelangelo Severgnini: Kontrabass

Berlin-Bagdad Bahn is also on Soundcloud, check it out!

Berlin-Bagdad Bahn - To ferece

Berlin-Bagdad Bahn - Tew veyvike



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