Oktober 2017


Reclaim the Beats Workshop - Konzert

Samstag 14.10.2017 Einlass 19:00 | Club

Eintritt: 12 - 15,-€

Veranstalter/-in: Reveller Records


About Reclaim the Beats 2017

The spirit of sound is ancient and precious. The plight of music genres are parallel to historic indigenous societies who’s glorious treasures were plundered by foreign conquerors. Colonization, supremacy and capitalism have continued to capture and use our cultures to it’s awe, entertainment and profit. Reclaim the Beats Festival 2017 performs a restoration for precious gems created by people of color and queers in music.

Reclaim the Beats is a festival with a focus on music genres created by black, POC and queer people that have been heavily gentrified in media over several years. These genres are House, Techno, Rock & HipHop. Spanning over 2 weeks with series of more than 5 events including concert, dance parties, workshops and panels. The 2nd edition in October 2017 will continue to pay tribute and to highlight modern artists in music genres that were started by people of color and queer talents.



Created after a chance encounter at a gallery opening in Berlin, as//is is the brainchild of two individual souls united. Ahmad Larnes, lead singer of the RnB pop act Schwarz Dont Crack and Steffen Sennert, producer extraordi-naire and Tour DJ, decided that their talents would match perfectly. It’s been less than a year since the formation of as//is, but the pair have produced several tracks ranging from deep, sensual RnB, to dance floor stomping house. Tracks like ‘No Water’ and ‘Light it up’ demonstrate the duo’s ability to transport the listener to a sexy, haunting mid-tempo landscape, while songs like ‘Nomadic’ and ‘Whisper’ coerce the listener to dance.

So far in 2017, as//is has performed at Feel Festival (Bergheider See) and Yo! Sissy Festival (Berlin), receiving amazing response and gaining a new following. They are looking forward to sharing the stage with amazing artist at the Reclaim The Beats Festival (Berlin) in October 2017.