Februar 2019


Bebop meets Hiphop

Samstag 02.02.2019 20:00 | Foyer

Eintritt: frei

Veranstalter/-in: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Kurator/-in: Eric Vaughn


"We are presenting a demonstration of historical story tellling and aural tradions from African Culture - and how they are present and a model in African American classical (jazz) music. Poets, rappers and spoken word artist combined with jazz musicians for an interactive adventure in sound, rhythm and prose", Eric Vaughn (curator of "Bebop meets Hiphop")


  • Darnell Stephen Summers - poet / spoken word
  • Daryl Taylor - bass
  • Joel Holmes - piano
  • Eric Vaughn - drums
  • DJ Stimulus - spoken word
  • Wincent Gromm - spoken word
  • Marc doffey - sax

special guest: Natalie Greffel - spoken word


Natalie Greffel


Natalie Greffel is a Berlin based vocalist, instrumentalist, composer and arranger. She is known for her work with various projects as well as her stylistic flexibility. As a first generation musician she started pursuing her professional career after moving to Berlin in 2010. As a bandleader she is currently working on her solo material after spending 6 months in Rio de Janeiro to gather her inspiration.

She has played in many different festivals and countries (e.g.Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Italy), and through the course of her career she has worked with different groups such as Radio Citizen, Karl Hector and the Malcouns (under the artist name “Vovotinha”), Onom Agenom and the Disco Jumpers, Kelvin Sholar, Eric Vaughn and Upsala Quartett.


Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Black History Month 2019

Alle Konzerte der Reihe:

  • 02.02.2019 | special guest: Natalie Greffel - spoken word
  • 09.02.2019 | special guest: Marc Doffey - tenor sax
  • 16.02.2019 | special guest: Daryl Taylor - bass
  • 23.02.2019 | special guest: Natalie Greffel & Desney Bailey - vocals

Eintritt: frei




Die WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN wird gefördert von der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.