Bilgin Ayata


Bilgin Ayata

Occupation Political Scientist
Curator Manufacturing Race
Born in Ulm, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Has lived in Mannheim, Toronto, Istanbul, Baltimore, Berlin, Basel

Short biography

Professor Bilgin Ayata is an Assistant Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Basel and currently works at the Free University of Berlin as a research associate at the Center for Transnational Studies, Foreign and Security Policy (ATASP).

Born in Ulm (Germany), Bilgin Ayata has a Master's degree in Political Science from York University in Canada and graduated with a PhD in 2011 from John Hopkins University (USA).

Ayata's research particularly focuses on processes of transformation that are influenced by migration, conflicts, social movements and the politics of remembrance. Her regional focus is on the Middle East and Europe, especially Turkey and the Kurdish regions.

She has been politically active on the topics of racism and migration in Germany and is one of the founders of the "Die Unmündigen e.V."association in Mannheim.