5th creole Berlin & Brandenburg


And the winners of the the 5th creole Berlin Brandenburg are...

Of the 18 competing bands, three were lauded by the jury, headed by Peer Steinwald, as the most musically creative contributions in the field of Global Beat Music. The three first place award winners were announced by the jury on Sunday, 22 November 2015 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN:

  • Nasser Kilada Ranin
  • Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble
  • Duo Al-Khayyat & Thiele

Nasser Kilada Ranin

Congratulations to the first winner of the 5th creole Berlin Brandenburg: Nasser Kilada Ranin. The bandleader and his ensemble performed with great experience through an amazingly rich program of his own compositions with a variety of styles melded together to form an overall sound.


 Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble

The second winner of the 5th creole Berlin Brandenburg: The Thomas Kolarczyk Ensemble. For this band, we all wrote the same word in capital letters on our papers, which is not often the case: DYNAMIC! Something of this caliber is achieved with an ensemble - quite exceptionally consisting of only woodwind instruments and soloists - who devote their improvisations to the composition.


Duo Al-Khayyat & Thiele

Congratulations to third winner of this year's creole: Duo Al-Khayyat & Thiele. The musical narrative exhibited great virtuosity and impressed us, as well as the delicate interplay between the musicians, who prove that you don't need a large ensemble in order to open musical worlds.


Competition Concerts on 19/20/21/22 November 2015!

 the jury has spoken

18 Global Beat Bands to Partake in Finale of 5th creole Berlin & Brandenburg

As expected, all 58 bands applying for this year's Global Beat Contest creole represent the utmost in musical quality. Accordingly, the jury deliberated into the evening hours after its musical marathon through the Berlin World Music scene; from Balkan Ska, Afro Pop, Beatbox and New Anatolian Traditionals to Cumbia Crossover and Siberian Ethno Sound, all the way to Egyptian Chamber Jazz and Electronica Columbia Funk.

"It is quite striking this year that considerably more ensembles are incorporating Jazz elements and electro-acoustic sounds into their compositions," says creole Project Manager Anette Heit.

The three-member jury selected 18 bands to compete in the live competition of the 5th creole Berlin & Brandenburg from 20 - 22 November 2015 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN: musicians who based within the broad range of 'popular music' and whose music is relevant to one or multiple regional and/or diasporic musical cultures.

All 18 bands will be playing live at the 5th creole Berlin Brandenburg from 19 - 22 November 2015 in the concert competitions at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN:


  • Peer Steinwald – A&R-Manager Budde Music
  • Annett Scheffel – Freelance Arts & Culture Journalist (u.a. Süddeutsche Zeitung, Musikexpress, Business Punk, Berliner Zeitung)
  • Wolfgang König – Freelance Writer (u.a. multicult.fm, Funkhaus Europa, JazzThing, MDR Figaro, AllJazz Radio, Kapstadt)

5th creole berlin & brandenburg

The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is looking for the best global beat bands or ensembles from Berlin and Brandenburg for Germany's sole music competition for Global Sounds!


Global Music - Made in Germany? creole gives musical diversity a stage! From BalkanSka, Afrobeat Beatbox and New Anatolian Traditionals through Cumbia Crossover and Chinese Ethno Sound to Poetic Persian Jazz and Brazilian Progressive Rock: creole is looking for bands and ensembles who represent this diversity; the experts of this new musical language!

Artistic quality and originality is what counts!


A preliminary jury decides which 18 bands will continue on to the national competitions. Three winners will be awarded as the best global beat bands of Germany!

Each winning act receives a cash prize of 2,000 €!



  • Announcement of Preliminary Jury Decision: 15 June 2015
  • Competition: 20 - 22 November 2015 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN


Attn: Project Manager Anette Heit
Wissmannstr. 32, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 609 77 017

Award Winners of the 4th creole REGIONALS

We would like to congratulate the two winning bands from the 4th creole Berlin, Brandenburg & Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Lanaya and Pulsar Trio!

Of 18 participating acts, Lanaya and Pulsar Trio stood out with their performances during the engaging three-day contest in Berlin. Although a difficult decision, the delighted jury explained their choices as follows:

"With their expression, performance, joy of playing and versatility, as well as professionalism and consideration of regional music genres - Lanaya knocked both jury and audience off of their feet."

"Pulsar Trio proved themselves with their dynamic stage show, the unanticipated sitar instrumentals and their interplay of passionate harmonies."

We would like to thank all of the bands for their dedication and contribution in making the 4th creole Berlin, Brandenburg & Mecklenburg-Vorpommern a brilliant and exhilarating competition of exceptional musical quality!

Visit our YouTube page for videos from the regional competition.

Award Winners of the 3rd creole REGIONALS

bye bye brasil

heartwarming, gentle and refreshing Chanson-Brasil-Jazz with German-Russian duo

Kristina van de Sand (vocals, violin)
Kostia Rapoport (piano)








Persian poetry and chamber-esque contemporary music with Persian, Indian and German roots:

Cymin Samawatie (vocals)
Benedikt Jahnel (piano)
Ralf Schwarz (double bass)
Ketan Bhatti (drums, percussion)


 Award Winners of the 2nd creole REGIONALS

Aly Keita & The Magic Balafon

Côte d'Ivoire via Mali via Berlin - polyrhythmic Balafon Jazz groove with:

Hannes Kies (saxophone)
Aly Keita (balafon)
Ramani Krishna (electric bass guitar)
Marcel Van Cleef (drums)



Dr. Bajan

Russian-language Urban Klezmer Jazz Speed-Folk'n'Roll with Berlin-based band:

Dr. Bajan (vocals, bayan - accordion)
Christian Runge (violin)
Davide De Bernardi (double bass)
Alf Schultze (drums)




Soul Music with Arabesque Melodies, Funky Jazz and Arab Percussion:

Babak Akhoondi (guitar)
Serdar Dagdelen (qanun)
Bekir Karaoglan (keyboard, violin, vocals)
Andreas Advocado (bass)
Enno Kuck (drums)



Award Winners of the 1st creole REGIONALS

Jacaranda Ensemble

Experimental Jazz Journey cross the Globe with members of the Brandenburg Symphony:

Sebastian Pietsch (saxophone)
Richard Mosthaf (didgeridoo, alphorn)
Thomas Hoffmann (alphorn, french horn)
Thomas Ringleb (percussion)
Matthias Dressler (marimba, percussion)



Nomad Soundsystem

Transnational Dancefloor Rhythms - Electro-Raï via Gnawa-trance via Dub via Pop with European, Asian and Arab roots:

David Beck (guitar)
Tomoki Ikeda (laptop)
Karim Sfaxi (vocals, melodica, percussion)
Shazam (turntables, bass, mouth harp)
Miloud Messabih (percussion, accordeon)



A colorful sea of high-energy sounds from Klezmer, Classical and Cabaret with:

Mark Chaet (violin)
Sergej Sweschinskij (double bass, stick bass)
Giorgio Radoja (piano)
Adam Tomaszewski (drums, percussion)
Momo Kohlschmidt (vocals)
Anke Lucks (trombone)
Dima Geller (trumpet)
Pavel Kurdakov (trumpet)