2nd creole Global


Live Concerts from 12 - 14 of September 2019:

Thursday, 12/09/2019
Friday, 13/09/2019 Saturday, 14/09/2019
07.10pm Amalaya
07.40pm Japal
08.10pm OKO
09.00pm Flow Beatz
09.30pm Ahmed Mounib Band
10.00pm Superrocket 3000
07.10pm Syriab Band
07.40pm Russudan Meipariani Ensemble
08.10pm Carlos Corona Band
09.00pm Odisea - Andreas Arnold Trio
09.30pm Seven is Heaven
10.00pm KELELE
07.10pm Kurdophone
07.40pm Airy
09.10pm Faya
09.00pm L´Oud Whispers
09.30pm Yazkah


moderation: Miriam Siré Camara


day ticket: pre sales 8 € plus fee / box office 15 €, 10 € (reduced)
festival ticket: pre sales 15 € plus fee / box office 25 €


Ahmed Mounib Band



  • Ahmed Mounib – violin
  • Abathar Kmash – oud
  • Nino Stübinger – piano
  • Wilbert Pepper – double bass
  • Stefan Noelle - drums

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Fusion, Haitian Music & Jazz

Airy, an electric bass and trumpet duo who will take you on a voyage of discovery of the sound universe of Haitian bassist Marck - Richard Mirand accompanied by Brice Moscardini on the trumpet. The album Airy is composed of eight songs influenced by traditional Haitian music and jazz that invite you to travel through time in an airy atmosphere. This duet is the meeting of two complementary instruments, two musicians with
different backgrounds and universes united by their spontaneous ability to interact.


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Songs from Argentina till Syria


Arabic Oud meets Argentinian Chacarera, flamenco guitar meets 9/8 rhythms, yearning chalumeau meets playfull frame drum.

In the middle: Three voices, seeking to express what is common to all humans: Dreams, longings, desires. To this aim the six musicians of Germany, Argentine and Syria connect Latinamerican rhythms with traditional Arabic or sefardic lyrics trying to outline differences and similarities in the different colours of musical storytelling.

Founded in 2016 in the city of Leipzig (Germany) the ensemble performed in locations as Grassi-Museum and naTo (Leipzig), Societaetstheater Dresden aswell as at the Rudolstadt Folk Festival.


  • Leandro Salvatierra - Gitarre/ Baglama/ Voc
  • Luise Rauer - Voc
  • Basel Alkatrib – Oud
  • Antonio Morejón Caraballo - Voc/ Perc
  • Fabian Klentzke - Piano/ Chalumeau/Voc
  • Korbinian Kirchner – Percussion

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Carlos Corona Band

Mexican Crossover

Mexican guitarist Carlos Corona explores the acoustic seven string guitar through his own compositions
and original arrangements of Mexican songs, using contemporary jazz harmony inspired by Latin-
American music.


His first solo album "Siete Cuerdas Tapatías" was released in Mexico 2015 presenting his pursuit to find
new musical sounds and possibilities within the contemporary Mexican guitar. The album received the
sponsorship of the Mexican Government.

His performance at the international Jalisco Jazz Festival 2016 sharing the stage in Teatro PALCCO with
John Beasley, Frost Ensemble, Toktli, Federico Sanchez, earn a nomination for ‘Best Jazz Concert Mexico 2016’ (Lunas del Auditorio Award). The Festival released a CD with highlights of the festival 2016, with the life track of Carlos Corona’s Song ‘Mezcal y Garoa’.

He presented Siete Cuerdas tapatías also at Premio Nacional del Agave 2016, Teatro Sala Higinio
Ruvalcaba, Radio Live Session Solo Jazz (Sara Valenzuela, Radio UdG Guadalajara), Festival Cultural del
Grullo 2017, Global Music Stage Berlin (2017), Konzertsaal Kreissparkasse Syke (2019).


  • Carlos Corona – guitar
  • Tom Kessler – double bass
  • Laura Robles – percussion
  • Alejandro García - drums

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Lusoriental Swing from Lisbon


Three travelling musicians from Italy and Germany, stranded in Lisbon. Packed with Jazz, World Music and Musicology Studies they set out for new adventures, searching different perspectives, rhythms and melodies, broadening their horizons.

Their concerts are excursions to the most remote parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa. The travelogues get mixed up and so the music: Klezmer with Funk, Italian folklore with African rhythms, Chanson with Batucada. The three musicians sing in every language they find appropriate and transform the public into talented singing birds.


  • Elena La Conte: Querflöte, Stimme & Percussion
  • Chiara Pellegrini: Gitarre, Stimme & Percussion
  • Kristina Van de Sand: Violine, Stimme & Percussion

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Flow Beatz

FLOW BEATZ is defining „Percussion-Duo“ in a new way. Florian Betz and Bodek Janke play their music as if life itself would speak to us through their hands. FLOW BEATZ is the newest Duo-project of the Pantam- and Marimbavirtuous Florian Betz. The Debut Album was recorded in the renowned Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. It is set to be released at the end of 2019.


There's no compositions - just the instant Moment. And by Betz and Janke this moment is captured with highest sensitivity and virtuosity. Rhythms and sounds flow up and down. Instruments and melodies come and go. A Trance, a Phantasy...

Florin Betz is a pioneer on the Pantam (aka Handpan) and a Marimba-viruous.

Bodek Janke is one of the most important drummers in the worldmusic cosmos. He is regurlarly on tour with the big names of the Szene. In Yo-Yo-Ma's Ensemble he inaugurated the „Elbphilharmonie“ in Hamburg.


  • Florian Betz – marimba, pantam, piano, vocals
  • Bodek Janke – table, flutes, drums, vocals

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Japenese-Palestinian Crossover


Japal is a new band based in Berlin."Japal" is a coined word combined "Japan" and "Palestine" which is their background.

The formation of the instruments are simple, however, they take in the elements of music from all over the world taking advantage of their background.


  • Shingo Masuda: Qanun
  • Noriko Okamoto: Kontrabass
  • Romeo Natur: Perkussion

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Afrobeat, Funk, Socca, Ragga

Kelele pays tribute to the music and sounds of the bands personal heroes; Funk & Highlife bands of the 70’s and 80’s with artist such as Osibisa, Ebo Taylor,Fela Kuti, Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou, Mulatu Astatke, all of whom have been a tremendous inspiration on Kelele’s musical journey.


Undogmatic, open minded and playful, the band breaks the usual genre boundaries, following the tradition of developing their own vigorous style. A mixture of Funk / Socca / Ragga-Beats, coupled with West African percussion arrangements and wind instruments, inspired and influenced by Fela Kuti’s afrobeat and brass band of the Balkans.

Some songs are sung in Wolof, the native tongue of the Senegalese lead singer Abass Ndiaye, and tell about friendship, solidarity, search for knowledge, asks questions about his own roots and talk about dancing and celebrating the joy of life without having money.


  • Abass Ndiaye – vocal
  • Michael Gakpeto – guitar
  • Marcel Sorge – guitar
  • Malte Quester – keys
  • Daniel Koster – bariton sax
  • Daniel Sauerborn – tenor sax
  • Thomas Kouami Tossou – percussion
  • Pablo Tarantino – drums
  • Patrick Frankowski – bass
  • Robin Kahl - trumpet

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Kurdish-Iranian Classic-Jazz-Fusion


Kurdophone originate from the true cultural melting pot of Vienna. Coming from Iran and Austria,
the young musicians bring together old Kurdish melodies and Western influences in their music.

As different as their musical cultures may be, the artists have set out in search of common ground and
have found what they werelooking for: ontraditional instruments such as the Iranian kamancheh or
the tanbur, a long necked string instrument, Kurdophone create their own original music involving
elements from jazz, classical music up to contemporary music.


  • Sarvin Hazin – kemanche, violine
  • Omid Darvish – vocal, tanbur
  • Helene Glüxam – double bass, clarinet
  • Amir Abbas Ahmadi – piano
  • Sebastian Simsa – drums

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L´Oud Whispers

Arab Music and Flamenco


L'Oud whispers reflect our contradictions as musicians when we try to make the sound of our music louder than the sound of war.

The project features compositions written by the Syrian Oud virtuoso Mohannad Nasser between Syria, Lebanon, and Spain and reflect Mohannad's journey while looking for relative safety.

The journey that started in Damascus and ended in Spain at The prestigious Berklee College of Music where Mohannad performed with the famous guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola.

Mohannad's Music is a unique mix of traditional Arabic and Oriental music blend together with Jazz, Brazilian and flamenco influence.

The album received the laboratory Art grant from Ettijahat Independent culture. And has been performing in several stages and festivals around the world.


  • Mohannad Nasser – oud
  • Rolf Zielke – piano
  • Stephan Braun – cello
  • Rainer Winch – drums
  • Ayman Helal - violine
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Odisea - Andreas Arnold Trio

Mediterranean Jazz & Flamenco

The Andreas Arnold Trio was formed in 2018 in New York City and has since continuously developed a unique sound that was documented on Arnolds latest album ODISEA (Galileo 2019).


The imaginary compositions and the classic trio format provide plenty of space for improvisation and interaction while the traditional roles often shift: Klampanis‘ lyrical bass at times becomes melodic center piece, the flamenco guitar is integral part of the rhythm and Hiroshi extends his percussion setup with pitched instruments such as Kalimba and Handpan. The musicians live in Athens, Madrid and New York and just as diverse is their sound that is inspired by jazz, chamber music, flamenco and other Mediterranean influences.



  • Andreas Arnold - guitar
  • Petros Klampanis - double bass
  • Miguel Hiroshi - percussion

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Polyphonic Pop from Eastern Europe


The Berlin based trio OKO interprets Black Sea songs. Vocal polyphony and tradition confront modernity and global perspectives, questioning what brings us together and what tears us apart. The timeless ancestral call of three voices mash together with synths, violin, percussion, bass and electronic soundscapes. Each musician brings different elements panning music styles such as English freak folk, Georgian and Bulgarian choral music to progressive rock. Their recognisable sound emerges from years of soaking up the explosion of cultural and musical influences that are home to Berlin, the city in which they live and create.


  • Petra Nachtmanova – vocal, bass, çiftelija, percussion
  • Moss Beynon Juckes – vocal, violin, percussion
  • Emma Greenfield – vocal, cornet, synthesizer, percussion

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Russudan Meipariani Ensemble

Georgian Neo Music

Russudan Meipariani grew up with the tradition of Polyphonie in Georgia - since 20 years she lives in Germany and connects this ancient source together with elements of Classic, Neue music and minimal music.


With experimental voice-acrobatics, prepared piano and strings, her compositions fuse archaic traditions and contemporary visions to outstanding soundcapes.

Since 2007 she performes together with her sister Natalie Meipariani, violinist, and her partner Giga Khelaia, cellist, as Russudan Meipariani Ensemble: transforming archaic traditions and contemporary influences into an enchanting universe of sounds, their
concerts are an magic invitation for crossing borders- between Georgia and Germany, between musical genres; out of their roots into a sounding world of cultural diversityuntamed, wild and magic.


  • Russudan Meipariani – vocal, piano, keys
  • Natalie Meipariani – violin
  • Giga Khelaia - cello

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Superrocket 3000


If you have never been to Planet Grindus then you should definitely see this concert. The „Superrocket 3000“ is on its mission to spread love, good vibes and good music throughout the universe and would like to take you on its journey into the vastness of space and time.

  The band is playing the compositions by Sven Ziebarth, which are not to be categorized by any particular musical genre but are rather a fusion of the most diverse styles of music.

Spiced up by a synthesized retro sound, in his songs he effortlessly blends jazz with modern popular music, latin rhythms, soul music and even some elements of classical music.

„Through my music I want to universally express feelings and abstract ideas I cannot put in words. I want to touch the heart as well as the mind of the listener.“

This concert is not meant to be for the "hardcore jazz fan" exclusively, but for everyone who is open to let themselves be taken on a journey to places where they might have never been before. It will definitely be epic.


  • Sven Ziebarth – sax, electronics
  • Bernhard Luscheder – keys
  • Davide Invorvaia – keys
  • Richard Müller – e-bass
  • David Huber - drums

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Syriab Band

Syriab Band used to be a Syrian orchestra of 40 musicians, founded by Kanun player Ibrahim Bajo. The orchestra interpreted different styles of oriental music and performed in several concert venues in Syria. As a result of the war the musicians are now scattered all over the world. Four of them are living in Germany, continue to perform their music and welcomed european musicians to join them. They combine different styles of western and oriental music from Bach to Dabkeh.


Syriab Band performed concerts with Ensemble Reflektor, the orchestra of the National Higher Conservatory Lübeck, „Neues Kammerorchester Bremen“ and Trio d‘Iroise in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck and Hannover. The musicians also conduct workshops. It is their vision to draw attention to oriental folklore, to spark interest, to inspire western musicians to improvise and try new approaches, and to spread the joy of music.


  • Ibrahim Bajo – kanun
  • Abed Harsony – oud
  • Hadi Andywi – percussion
  • Muller Manalu – piano
  • Valentina Bellanova – nay
  • Friederike Kayser – oboe
  • Andreas Kowalczyk – clarinet
  • Cornelia Briese - cello

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Seven is Heaven

A piece composed by Myriam El Haïk
Remixed and recomposed by Christoph Titz
with Alaa Zouiten as a guest


«Seven is Heaven» is originally a four hands piano piece built on a 7-count rhythm, inspired by a beat played with percussions during weddings and festive ceremonies in Morocco. Inspired by tradition, Myriam El Haïk, pianist and composer, uses processes of repetition, variation and layering of rhythmic and melodic patterns to constitute a piece that inscribes itself in a contemporary, minimalist and repetitive aesthetic but also in a peculiar genre of beat music open to other styles.

In 2018, when Myriam El Haïk met the trumpettist and composer Christoph Titz at the first Gnaoua Festival Berlin in WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Christoph had the idea to remix the piece. He rearranged the seven is Heaven’s patterns among a different composition with an open instrumentation including, piano, trumpet, darbouka, electronic sounds …

The encounter of the two musicians gave to the original piece a new form that mixes a recorded electronic version with live acoustic performance creating a multicultural euphoric groove. For the Festival Creole, the duo El Haïk-Titz decided to invite Alaa Zouiten as a guest. The texture of the ‘oud and the talent of Alaa as musician and improviser should open «Seven is Heaven» to bright and colourful skies.


  • Myriam El Haïk: Klavier
  • Christoph Titz: Trompete
  • Alaa Zouiten: Oud

Seven is Heaven from Myriam El Haïk on Vimeo.

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Fusion Afrobeat, Electronic and Jazz


The music of Yazkah combines genres such as Afrobeat, electronic music, world music and jazz, with Afro-Cuban and different African styles.

Performing on stage, Yazkah uses a high variety of instruments, achieving their proposal: providing an experience full of pure energy, and together with the audience having fun with a great show.



  • Yahima Piedra – vocal, keys

  • Luna Carlos – vocal

  • Katrina Martinez – drums
  • Alexander Falcon – percussion, keys
  • Vit Pollack – trumpet
Jonas Lafont – sax

  • Alejandro Isasi - DJ

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The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is sponsored by the Senate Departement for Culture and Europe.