Human Frames



Human Frames FESTIVAL from June 13 - 17, 2012

Human Frames dedicates itself to human beings, their 'condition humaine' and various frames of mind which accompany them on their journey through life.

With works from contemporary artists and filmmakers from Europe and Asia, who focus on themes of happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation and melancholy, ten art film programs re-examine 21st century human existence by utilizing Asian concepts such as mono no aware (the pathos of things) and impermanence.

Human Frames seeks to take account of the intense exchange of images and ideas between both continents, which has become common practice in this age of new media and globalization. The program offers a well-founded look into video art and experimental film. It references simultaneously the formation of a universal pictorial language beyond national, social and cultural affiliations as well as the continuity of various film traditions, into which the individual works write themselves. The result is a fascinating panoply of artistic expression and daring image and sound experiments, which through free association coalesce to form a vibrant portrait of humanity.

The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is showcasing ten film programs within Human Frames, which will be accompanied by speeches by the doctoral candidates of the Cluster of Excellence 'Languages of Emotion' from the FU Berlin and discussions with participating artists. Each evening concludes with a film on a respective frame of mind, selected by a curator from the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

Program (PDF, German)

Human Frames is a co-production between the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, Lowave Film & Curator Label and the FU Berlin's Cluster of Excellence 'Languages of Emotion'.

The program was curated by Silke Schmickl (lowave), Masayo Kajimura (WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN), Stéphane Gérard (lowave) and Maria Römer (FU Berlin). It was produced in cooperation with Dr. Markus Edler und Dr. Julian Hanich (FU Berlin).