January 2015


1. Global Drums Festival

Sunday 18.01.2015 2:00 PM | Hall | Club

Admission: varies

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen



 16 - 18 JANUARY 2015 

Save the date!

The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is kicking off the new year with the first annual GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL!

Berlin's finest percussionists - for three days - under one roof!




SUNDAY | 18.01.2015

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Festival Pass
30,- / 20,- €
*valid for entry to all events for the entire duration of the festival

Single Day Pass
15,- / 10,- / 5,- € (mit Berlin-Pass)
*valid for entry to all events on one day of the festival (with exception to WorldWideMusic, Drum Circle & Cuba Ball)

WorldWideMusic Ticket
15,- / 10,- /5,- € (mit Berlin-Pass)
*valid for WorldWideMusic presents Marcel van Cleef

Drum Circle
10,- / 5,- €

Cuba Ball
5,- €


Drum Circle

WORKSHOP with Alfred Mehnert and Katrina Martínez Marrupe:
from 4 to 104 Years

SUNDAY | 18.01.2015 | 2:00PM | Saal

The Drum Circle concept originates in the USA. With the drum circle, participants form a collective and develop a groove together under the direction of Alfred Mehnert and Katrina Martínez Marrupe.

This workshop is for families and beginners alike. A supply of instruments will be available on location. Participants are welcome, however, to bring their own instruments.


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Parana Bomfim

Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Percussion

SUNDAY | 18.01.2015 | 17.00h


The Brazilian musician and composer Parana Bomfim is one of the most important representatives of contemporary Afro-Brazilian percussion.

Parana Bomfim is the alabê, head musician, of the Candomblé house Ilè Asé Yemonjá Orukóre Ògún in São Paulo. In the 1980s, he was recorded multiple Candomblé and Umbanda records which are considered some of the best of these genres. He has researched traditional and popular music of Brazil, studied classical music at the Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul in São Paulo and incorporated elements of Jazz into the Brazilian musical context, as well as his drumming and his playing of the berimbau and various percussion instruments.


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Jazz, Tabla and World Music

SUNDAY | 18.01.2015 | 17.45h


Bodek Janke was born into a Polish-Russian family of musicians and began playing music at an early age.

At the Badisches Konservatorium Karlsruhe, Germany he, received his classical percussion and music theory education. In his teenage years, Bodek was already an internationally acclaimed touring and recording marimbaphone virtuoso. From 1998 to 2004 he studied jazz-drums and jazz-composition at the Academy of Music of Cologne and graduated 'with distinction'. He completed his studies in 2007 with a 'Master of Arts and Music Performance' - diploma from the City College of New York.

Since 2010, Bodek Janke has been working regularly with the WDR, NDR and HR Radio Bigbands (as a drummer and percussionist). Internationally, he has been working with the US jazz violinist Jeremy Kittel (Turtle Island String Quartet), the Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman (Ari Hoenig Quartet), the Parisian harmonica player Olivier Ker Ourio and the Moscow State Jazz Orchestra, just to name a few.



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TAMAM_percussions presents: PARZiVAL & RiTUAL

SUNDAY | 18.01.2015 | 7:30PM | Saal


Why do they say there are no rituals in Europe? That people are not open to repeating energies, the inner-groove of an occurrence?

TAMAM seeks to whirl everything together until not even the musicians are aware of how they have come to what they are playing. It doesn't matter where it comes from! What's interesting is where the sound brings us - musicians and audience - together. TAMAM ME? EIN VERSTANDEN?, EN-TENDIDO?, DO YOU AGREE?

Line Up:

  • Hogir Göregen (Kurdistan)
  • Johannes Alfred Mehnert (Germany)
  • Katrina Martínez Marrupe (Cuba)

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Global Drums Composers Session

Select Musicians on One Stage: Percussion Jam with Alfred Mehnert

Sunday | 18.01.2015 | 8:00PM | Saal

In the Global Drums Composer Session, under the direction of Alfred Mehnert, musicians from the festival come together on one stage to improvise and jam.

Join us!

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