January 2015


1. Global Drums Festival

Friday 16.01.2015 6:30 PM | Hermannplatz | Hall | Club

Admission: varies

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen



 16 - 18 JANUARY 2015 

Save the date!

The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is kicking off the new year with the first annual GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL!

Berlin's finest percussionists - for three days - under one roof!



FRIDAY | 16.01.2015

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Festival Pass
30,- / 20,- €
*valid for entry to all events for the entire duration of the festival

Single Day Pass
15,- / 10,- / 5,- € (mit Berlin-Pass)
*valid for entry to all events on one day of the festival (with exception to WorldWideMusic, Drum Circle & Cuba Ball)

WorldWideMusic Ticket
15,- / 10,- /5,- € (mit Berlin-Pass)
*valid for WorldWideMusic presents Marcel van Cleef

Drum Circle
10,- / 5,- €

Cuba Ball
5,- €



from Samba to Afoxé to Maracatu

FRIDAY | 16.01.2015 | 6:30PM | MUSICAL MARCH from Herrmannplatz to the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN


Berlin's Samba band extraordinaire, Furiosa has been playing stages and streets both nationally and internationally for twenty years. Their repertoire consists of Brazilian classics in the rhythms of Samba, Afoxé, Samba-Reggae and Maracatu, as well as their own compositions. Ever heard of Samba in 3/4 time? By incorporating elements from a variety music genres, Band Leader Dada makes space for a dynamic, vibrant Samba of Berlin. Currently, the international group of musicians represent five different nations - Peru, Brazil, Chile, Greece and Germany!

With their vibrant grooves and joyful energy, FURIOSA will be kicking off the 1st GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL parade-style - beginning at Hermmanplatz in Berlin-Neukölln, leading us along the Wissmannstraße to the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

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Ravi Srinivasan

Acoustic Asian World Fusion

FRIDAY | 16.01.2015 | 7:30PM | Saal


Ravi Srinivasan (Tabla, ghatam, vocals, whistling, percussion, electronics and composition) was born in 1965 in Singapore. His family encouraged his early musical talent and he studied classical violin. Later he came into contact with jazz and world-music and began learning the classical hand-drum of India, the tabla, with the legendary master-drummer Pandit Kamalesh Maitra in Berlin. Srinivasan's wide-ranging musical abilities and effortless virtuosity have earned him many fans and ensure that he is constantly in demand as a soloist and accompanist. As a prize-winning percussionist he has performed at festivals worldwide, from Malaysia and India via Europe and Russia to USA and Greenland. He has composed music for films, theatre and dance (traditional Kathak as well as modern and fusion) and written songs for his various bands and ensembles.

Srinivasan is co-founder of the world-music trio Indigo Masala, which won the creole Global Music Contest prize in 2006 and plays with the Music Ensemble of Benares, Abrasaz, the Ioanna Srinivasan Dance Company, The Hypno Theatre, Dotschy Reinhardt Quartett, the Joachim Gies Trio and countless singers and instrumentalists of classical Indian music. Srinivasan is the music director at the Academy of Kathak Dance in Berlin, Germany.


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Traditionelle koreanische Percussions- & Performance-Kunst

FRIDAY | 16.01.2015 | 8:00PM | Saal


DoodulSori is the only percussion and dance ensemble for traditional Korean performance art in all of Europe. The group specializes in Samul Nori - a modernized version of traditional Korean percussion music played using metal gongs and hourglass drums.

Samul Nori has roots in folk and farming music, shamanism, Buddhism and in early Korean military music. For thousands of years, those rhythms were passed down from generation to generation orally. During Japanese occupation and the Korean War these traditions had nearly disappeared; until the 1970s, when a group of artists came together to not only recall these lost sounds, but reorganize, modify and develop them for the modern stage. The resulting performance form became known as Samul Nori, which can be translated as 'the playing of four objects':

  • Janggu - a two-sided hourglass-shaped drum which leads the rhythm
  • Kkwaenggwari - a small gong which guides the melodic structure and dynamics
  • Buk - a barrel drum which plays the basic pulse
  • Jing - a larger gong which through its long resonation unites all four instruments together in harmony

Performers: Bo-Sung Kim, Halym Kim, Hyo-Jin Shin und Myunghyun Park

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Aly KEïta

Balafon Groove

FRIDAY | 16.01.2015 | 8:30PM | Saal


Aly Keïta was born in 1969 in Mali. His Malinké parents come from a long line of Griots. He studied the traditional pentatonic balafon under Zouratié Coulibaly in Mali. From 1986 onwards, he learned to play jazz with the musician Georges Makinto and built his own diatonic balafon, giving him access to new repertoires. His jazz playing experience gave him the opportunity to produce his own music successfully in Africa, Europe and the USA. Then he adapted the balafon for other musical languages, which led him to take part in international meetings.

He played with such prestigious musicians as Pharoah Sanders, Joe Zaniwul, Rhoda Scott and Camel Zekri. The Centre de Formation et de Promotion Musicales de Niamey in Niger asked him to run workshops to teach traditional and modern music between 1989 and 1995. He then started teaching the balafon at the National Superior Institute of Arts and Cultural Affairs (INSAAC) in Abidjan. He recorded disks with Georges Makinto (1992), groups like Béta Foly (1996), African Project (1998), and Hans Lüdemann/Trio Ivoire, and recorded for albums by Paco Séry and Manu Solo.


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Marcel van Cleef

Elemental Sounds of the Hang

FRIDAY | 16.01.2015 | 9:00PM | Club


WorldWideMusic presents

Marcel van Cleef is an exceptional drummer: captured by a vision of music beyond rituals and dogmas. With a radical sensitiveness and profound sensuality he takes us in a boundless world of music. With an overwhelming playing technique he fathoms the depths of sounds to create on his fascinating hybrid-percussion-drum-set a magic of a multitrack-groove-cosmos.

'Stilte - The Hang Album'

The Hang solo album 'Stilte' is dedicated to those who yearn for silence. The Dutch sound artist, percussionist and drummer Marcel van Cleef concentrates on the amazing, deep, elemental and warm sounds of the Hang. On four differently pitched Hangs he creates a fascinating ambience of inner tranquility and serenity. A trip to Sweden last summer inspired him to record this new album. It was the beauty of the nature, the sublime wilderness and particularly the quiet, which impressed him strongly. With the raw deep energetic tones of the Hang and pure musicality he captured the intensity of silence.

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