March 2015


N'Guewel Saf Sap

Saturday 28.03.2015 8:00 PM | Saal

Admission: 18 / 14 €

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Nago Koité


Concert: "Griot Tales Live"

Griots carry the oral history and tradition of Africa. To this day, their families have been passing on the specifics of history from generation to generation, as well as the stories and deeds of esteemed families and heroes alike through the medium of music and song.


Griot Tales Live

This evening's concert brings together Griots from various societies across Senegal. Each Griot will share the lore and history his/her society through his/her unique method of knowledge transmission.

  • Wolof Gewel use drum and dance to tell the stories of their people.
  • Gallo tell their stories via song; musician Youssou N´dour is a famous example.
  • Traditionally, Maabot are shepherds belonging to the Peul and transmit their stories via flute.
  • Jalo and Mandika transmit their traditions via the feminine kora.
  • Waalo use the talking drum to tell their stories.

Each Griot will introduce and explain his/her musical instrument. Don't miss the highlight of the evening - a Griot Jam Session in which all of the Griots will come together for an explosive mixture of song, instrument and dance!

Admission: 18 € / 14 € (reduced rate & rate for participants of the dance workshops | see Schedule)

The musicians of the group N'Guewel Saf Sap - meaning 'The Griot with Great Zest for Life' in Wolof - are a family. They are brothers from the legendary Griot families Koité und Kouaté.

The renowned musician families Koité and Kouaté have been performing together for years under the direction of Nago Koité.

Nago Koité has been living and working in Germany since 1985. Driven by faith, enthusiasm and sympathy for his fellow man, Koité draws upon a large educational, artistic and human experience. As a dance instructor, Koité takes his students along on a discovery journey of rhythm and beat - life's driving force - to the source of their vital energy and joy of life.



The repertoire of N'Guewel Saf Sap consists of a variety of Senegalese rhythms played on the saber, saorouba, tama and bougarabou. The countries Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso are also represented by the djembé.

The individual pieces come from Wolof, Malinke, Sérères (dioudiougnes rhythms) and Baye Fall (khin rhythms) traditions, as well as from the Voodoo practicing ethnic groups of Senegal (deup rhythms).



  • Cheick Tidiane
  • Sidy Koité
  • Babacar Kouaté
  • Mariama Diallo
  • Isma Kouaté
  • Nago Sène
  • Famara Manafa
  • Mactar Kouaté
  • Madikhaté M´boup
  • Nago Koité
  • Babacar Conté