April 2015


Greece and Euro(pe)

Thursday 16.04.2015 6:00 PM | Saal

Admission: 5 €

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V.


Money or values - what determines their relationship?

Like many other German cities, Berlin as well has been receiving many new Greek immigrants every day. Berlin has long tradition of cultural diversity and coexistence. However, there are also people here who are concerned about the negative effects of a contrived atmosphere on German - Greek relations in Berlin.

The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN shares this concern and has organized an event for the varying voices of Greece to be heard.

The film and panel discussion will take place in German. For more details in German, please visit our German schedule.





Documentary | AGORÁ | D: Yorgos Avgeropoulos | L: German with German Subtitles

With his film AGORÁ, Greek filmmaker Yórgos Avgerópoulos presents the European debt crisis from a Greek perspective over a period of more than four years.

A WDR co-production with Small Planet Documentary Production House and Al-Jazeera.

The screening will take place in German.


Schuld und Sühne?

Panel Discussion: Fiscal Policy of the EU in the Case of Greece

Presentation: Eleni Klotsikasdie (German-Greek Journalist)


  • Prof. Dr. Spyros Marchetos (Political Scientist, Universität Thessaloniki)
  • Giorgos Chondros (Board member of political party Syriza)
  • Ioanna Kryona (Board member of the Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin)
  • Hans Köbrich (Solidaritätskomitee Griechenland)

The discussion will take place in German.

Antonis Anissegos & Andreas Karaoulanis

Concert / Performance Art | 10PM

The works of Berlin-based artists Antonis Anissegos and Andreas Karaoulanis challenge all of the usual Greek stereotypes. best before unu is their collaborative project.

UNU (Antonis Anissegos) and BESTBEFORE (Andreas Karaoulanis) met in March 2010 on stage at a Festival in Thessaloniki, following the invitation of the festival director to perform together. The match was instant and after the success of their performance, they decided to form the duo best before unu. Since then they produced together many short audio/visual pieces and performed often in Greece and in Germany.

The intensive electronics of unu found a visual counterpoint in the moving images of bestbefore, generating complex sonic-visual formations. While audio frequencies are analyzed and passed into image motions, which in turn feed back to the music, a never ending circulation of influence travels in both directions.

As an enrichment of the collaboration, best before unu appears also with live piano, adding an acoustic dimension to the creative process. A journey through morphing landscapes and imaginary organisms, stimulating the audience to continuously perceive new associations.


  • Andreas Karaoulanis - animation
  • Antonis Anissegos -piano

Blog: http://bestbefore.gr/blog/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/channels/bestbeforeunu


An event curated by Chrysafis Avramidis,
in co-operation with the Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin e.V.