April 2015


Musikpower Jazz

Saturday 25.04.2015 8:00 PM | Club

Admission: 6 €

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Musikschule Paul Hindemith Neukölln


Four newcomer bands with musicans from the 'Studienvorbereitung Jazz der Musikschule Neukölln'

Young musicians present the results of their work in the Jazz department of the Musikschule Paul Hindemith Neukölln. Come and experience their joy of playing and creative approach to music.

An exceptional band, consisting of experienced Jazz players who also work as teachers at the Jazz department of the music-school Neukölln, highlights the evening with this night's special guest Alexander Wienand, who is not only a sublime pianist, but also brings in his own compositions, which the band will perform.


  • Jörg Schippa - guitar
  • Franz Bauer - vibraphone
  • Horst Nonnenmacher - bass
  • Uli Moritz - drums
  • Guest: Alexander Wienand - piano



A co-ooperation with the Musikschule Paul Hindemith Neukölln