July 2015


Silent Moment

Sunday 05.07.2015 5:00 PM | Saal

Admission: 10 € (V.I.P. Ticket: 25 €)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Clear Blue Water e.V. / Elvis Ololo


Revenge they say is best served as a cold dish. But Sylvester's choice of it was hotter than a flaming coal when an attempt with his twin sister to help Roy travel abroad for his masters and for Sylvester to go to prison instead of Roy was blatantly paid back on a tray of betrayal and agony that drags to a point of no return.

Making of | Trailer

Action Film | D: Kobi Rana | 115 Min. | English with German Subtitles


  • Frank Artus
  • Donoth David
  • Baroudi Jasmine
  • Simon el Junior
  • Nnochiri Livinus

Story: Benjamin Kusi | Screenplay: Richie Whriter | Producer: Elvis N. Oloro

Shooting Locations: Berlin, Germany / Accra, Ghana