September 2015


World Wide Jazz

Friday 04.09.2015 9:00 PM | Club

Admission: 15 / 10 / 5 € (with Berlinpass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Curation: Eric Vaughn


Howhannesijan/Sholar/Bier Trio

Old Armenian Pieces meet European Classic and Jazz



The different cultural influences of the three musicians characterize the sound of their compositions. They blend elements from different musical traditions and transcend stylistic boundaries.

Old Armenian Pieces meet European Classic and Jazz. The organic sound of the trio, which is created by each of the three musicians, creates a harmonious sound body and combines virtuosity with melody.

The group has been playing together for eight years and is constantly evolving; forging their very own individual sound.

Howhannesijan, Sholar and Bier were awarded the Förderpreis of the Berliner Senat "Studioprojekt Jazz 2010" and produced their album „Sonocore“ in 2011, which was released on the Japanese independent label Atelier Sawado.

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