October 2015


"Kinder der Befreiung" - Children of Liberation

Sunday 11.10.2015 6:00 PM | Seminar Room 1

Admission: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Ika Hügel-Marshall


Transatlantic Experiences and Perspectives of Postwar Generation Black Germans

Book Presentation and Discussion:

  • Dr. Marion Kraft (Publisher, Author, Lecturer)
  • Ika Hügel-Marshall (Dipl. Social Pedagogue, Author)
  • Dr. Rosemarie Peña (Psychologist, President of the Black German Heritage and Research Association)
  • Thomas Usleber (Author and Administrator for Multicultural Affairs) and
  • Judy Gummich (Lecturer for Human Rights, Inclusion and Diversity)

70 years after the end of World War II, this volume recognizes the contribution that African-American soldiers have made to Germany's liberation from fascism and unites the voices of the post-war generation of Black Germans. Historical, political and scientific analyses, personal stories, interviews and literary texts come together to form a kaleidoscope, through which a new perspective on a nearly forgotten part of German history and American-German relations is created. The causes and effects of racism in the past and present are explored and strategies for positive change are identified.

"Kinder der Befreiung is a literary milestone of the past three decades in regards to the diverse history of Black Germans. For the first time, this anthology brings together Black voices from both sides of the Atlantic and raises new research questions on the interplay of racism in Germany and in the USA during the aftermath of the Second World War. The texts do not tell "victims' stories"; rather, they are counter-proposals to a history written by power structures and are groundbreaking for a new definition of transnational identities. The book is an important contribution to political education and belongs in any course for post-war German history." Leroy T. Hopkins, Jr., Professor of German / Millersville University, PA

The first part of the volume is an overview study of general Afro-German history, past and present, and the experiences of Black Germans in the USA. It explains the unique history of the postwar generation and their parents in historical constructions of 'race' and nation in Germany, which stands in contrast to the diverse reality of Black people in Germany of today.

The second part, "Life Writing - erlebte Geschichte", illustrates aspects from the introductory study from a personal account. In the third part, "Perspektivenwechsel", the problem areas in Afro-German-American history on both sides of the Atlantic are addressed from different scientific perspectives and the term 'African diaspora' undergoes critical reflection. Part Four contains a narrative interview with the three founders of ADEFRA (Afrodeutsche Frauen) and a conversation with former professional boxer Charly Graf. The book is concluded with five lyrical reflections.