December 2015


Before Barbed Wire... Duet for One Voice

Friday 04.12.2015 1:00 PM | Saal

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Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Korea-Verband e.V.


Theater Setnet | Before Barbed Wire... Duet for One Voice

The future that the young North Korean refugees dream of springs from the branches of a tree, whose roots are cared for by South Korean youths of the same age. This future cannot be avoided; you have to live with it.

After a dramatic reunion of siblings separated in dispute, living with feelings of revenge and mistrust for many years, they will need a lot of time and a safe space in order to forgive one another, to embrace and comfort one another and to accept the life that once divided them.

We are looking again for a way to forgive without hurting each other. How can we comfort each other without hypocrisy and how can we peacefully accept the differences that solidified over decades?

Park Sang-Young (Director of the Setnet School) | Park Sang-Young (Director of the Setnet School)

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