January 2016


Jazz Festival Cobblestones

Friday 22.01.2016 | Saal

Admission: 15 / 10 / 5 € (with Berlinpass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Hazel Leach


The Composers’ Orchestra Berlin (COB) was founded in 2010 to explore the possibilities of writing for a large ensemble with brass and sax sections, a jazz rhythm section and an integrated string quartet.

The Cobblestones Festival spotlights the musical personalities of the individual members and celebrates the creative diversity of their work. On each of the three evenings from 22 - 24 January 2016 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, three different composers will present their own bands, with as Grand Finale the complete Composers’ Orchestra Berlin.

Cobblestones are a composite of individual stones, which yield a workable whole. Already in 2014, the COB took advantage of this motif for their CD "Free Range Music" to reflect the versatility of the orchestra. Each of the tailor-made compositions adds a new color to the grey of the Berliner cobblestones.


Schedule | FRI, 22 January 2016

7 PM | MOVE String Quartet

Landscapes for String Quartet: original compositions, distilled down to their essence, pure and genre-defying



The music of Susanne Paul’s MOVE String Quartet explores a contemporary, very European vision of jazz.

With an unconventional line-up - a double bass expanding the lower range - they conjure up musical landscapes which are subtly rooted in groove: intense chamber music.

The CD “El Camino” was released in 2013 on the Jazz Haus Musik label.



  • Susanne Paul – cello & composition
  • Rebecca Czech – violin
  • Marie-Theres Härtel – viola
  • Carlos Bica – bass


8:30 PM | Chiffchaff

Chamber music jazz in combination with New Music, film music and Free Impro


Combining jazz with other art-related styles, such as Neue Musik filmmusic and Free Impro, the drum-less sextet produces an impressive kaleidoscope of sounds and colours, rhythms and forms: compositional miniatures, interspersed with expressive improvisations.


“The various musics of our times, which have accompanied, fascinated and touched our lives over the years, gain new significance as they are merged, reshaped and broadened.”

Chiffchaff was awarded a studio-subsidy in 2013 by the Berlin Senate, resulting in the CD “Entpuppen”.


  • Nikolaus Neuser - Trumpet

  • Edith Steyer - Alto sax, clarinet, composition
Dirk Steglich - Tenor sax, flute

  • Martin Klenk - Cello
Leo Auri - Piano

  • Maike Hilbig - Bass


PM | Rusira Mixtett

Top quality, melodic brass music with personality, soul and attitude


A wild bunch of Berliner musicians based around the composer Ruth Schepers, who exploits her preference for major chords and silence in her music. The pieces are refurbished by the individual players, who are free to add their own contributions at -not always- prearranged places.


The general aim is jazz, with a light undertone of brassband and the joy of the circus, inspired by Thelonius Monk, Federico Fellini, comic-strip Superheroes, good food and the general culture of the multi-culti city of Berlin.

The CD "Krambambuli" was released in 2012.


  • Christian Magnusson – Trumpet 

  • Tobias Dettbarn – Clarinet

  • Robert Würz – Alto sax, flute
Ruth Schepers – Alto & Soprano sax, flute
Oleg Hollmann – Baritone sax

  • Jörg Bücheler – Trombone

  • Mark Shearn – Tuba

  • Tom Dayan – Drums & percussion