January 2016


Jazz Festival Cobblestones

Saturday 23.01.2016 | Saal

Admission: 15 / 10 / 5 € (with Berlinpass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Hazel Leach


The Composers’ Orchestra Berlin (COB) was founded in 2010 to explore the possibilities of writing for a large ensemble with brass and sax sections, a jazz rhythm section and an integrated string quartet.

The Cobblestones Festival spotlights the musical personalities of the individual members and celebrates the creative diversity of their work. On each of the three evenings from 22 - 24 January 2016 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, three different composers will present their own bands, with as Grand Finale the complete Composers’ Orchestra Berlin.

Cobblestones are a composite of individual stones, which yield a workable whole. Already in 2014, the COB took advantage of this motif for their CD "Free Range Music" to reflect the versatility of the orchestra. Each of the tailor-made compositions adds a new color to the grey of the Berliner cobblestones.


Schedule | SAT, 23 January 2016


Virtuoso and high-spirited chamber world-jazz: wistful ballads and pulsating dance rhythms


From the melancholic tango of Argentina and the lively and brilliant spirit of the Balkans to the rhythmic power of Swing and simple charm of folk music: Tsching blurs the borders of composition and improvisation, interpreting even well-known pieces in surprising arrangements, ao by Piazzolla, Gershwin, Eisel or McCartney.

Tsching released their first CD “Serenata” in 2011, establishing a new position between jazz and modern classical music. In 2014, the trio presented their second CD “VagabundenSuite”.



  • Franziska Kraft - Bass cello
Helmut Mittermaier - Saxophone

  • Ben Aschenbach - Guitar


8:30 PM | Out of print

An outstanding piano trio in search of a new musical expressivity, independent of fashionable trends


These three Berliners have been playing music in this formation for over twenty years and have produced four CDs along the way.

The trio’s music creates an intimate atmosphere, the space for the search for new depths of expression, carried out with a consistency built on independence and experience, detached from short-lived fashionable trends.


The latest CD “Dancing in the Brain” (Unit Records 2015) is a captivating collection of modes and moods.


  • Volker Kottenhahn - Piano

  • Dirk Strakhof - Bass
Johannes Bockholt – Drums


PM | MIFRÀS & Guests

Sensitive but groove-driven: players and listeners explore uncharted territory


Mifrás (a hebrew word for “sail”) was founded in 2011 by composer/percussionist Tom Dayan in Berlin, and subsidised as a ‘Studio-Project” in 2013 by the Berlin Senate. Dayans open compositions form a framework in which a variety of influences -from contemporary jazz to african elements- are mirrored and combined. The conscious decision to do without a harmony instrument creates an openness in which every player has the space and opportunity to steer the music.


The CD: “Set Sail” was released in 2013.



  • Kati Brien - Alto sax
  • Markus Ehrlich – Tenor sax

  • Nils Marquardt – Trombone

  • Hugo Reydet – Bass

  • Tom Dayan – Drums and composition
  • Rodrigo Bauza - Violin
  • Avishai Chameides - Viola
  • Guests - TBA