January 2016


Jazz Festival Cobblestones

Sunday 24.01.2016 | Saal

Admission: 15 / 10 / 5 € (with Berlinpass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Hazel Leach


The Composers’ Orchestra Berlin (COB) was founded in 2010 to explore the possibilities of writing for a large ensemble with brass and sax sections, a jazz rhythm section and an integrated string quartet.

The Cobblestones Festival spotlights the musical personalities of the individual members and celebrates the creative diversity of their work. On each of the three evenings from 22 - 24 January 2016 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, three different composers will present their own bands, with as Grand Finale the complete Composers’ Orchestra Berlin.

Cobblestones are a composite of individual stones, which yield a workable whole. Already in 2014, the COB took advantage of this motif for their CD "Free Range Music" to reflect the versatility of the orchestra. Each of the tailor-made compositions adds a new color to the grey of the Berliner cobblestones.


Schedule | SUN, 24 January 2016

7 PM | black milk impulses

Innovative jazz: the joy of investigating the sounds between the notes, electronic elements and surprising samples



A music which reaches out for the sounds between the notes, electronic samples and improvised melodies joining the throng. A typical combination for Berlin: multinational and multifarious, with a good pinch of humor.

“Manifesto” (2014) is the band’s first studio album.


  • Gerhard Gschlößl - Trombone
Gianpaolo Camplese – Drums
  • Leo Auri - Piano, Laptop, Sampler



8:30 PM | PALEKA

As raw and anarchic as Berlin itself: as if the electric guitar has just been invented



As hard as it gets: for years the young musicians of Paleka have been quarrying through heavyweight grooves, solid rock and brittle melodies. Their music tell stories of city life from Berlin to New York, bringing to light the multi-coloured elements of a soundtrack.


“Grenzweg” was released in 2014 on the Hey!jazz label.


  • Alexander Tzschentke - Guitar, composition

  • Tom Dayan - Drums
Fee Stracke - Piano
Robert Würz - Saxophone, flute
  • Hugo Reydet - Bass


PM | Composers’ Orchestra Berlin

An orchestral platform which offers space for the XXL musical ideas of the individual composers: Free Range Music which avoids the pigeonholes

The COB is a large orchestra, with strings, horns and rhythm section. The members of the orchestra are not only improvising instrumentalists, but are also the composers. There is no fixed line-up: the composers can select instruments from the pool, to develop a brand-new and innovative orchestral repertoire with stylistic influences ranging from classical to jazz and from folk to free…. the music written for this band has no exclusion zones.

Since its beginnings in Autumn 2010, the orchestra has established a place in the Berlin Jazz scene. Two CDs released in 2014 demonstrate the diversity of the orchestra and its members and attracted international attention, an audiobook “Spazieren in Berlin” (texts by Franz Hessel, music by 10 COB-composers. Produced by Kulturradio/rbb ) and the first orchestral CD “Free Range Music” (JHM 224). Artistic leader is the award-winning composer & conductor Hazel Leach.


  • Strings: Daniel Friedrichs, Claudia Autuori, Katja Braun, Franziska Kraft
  • Brass: Aaron Schmidt-Wiegand (tp), Anne Dau (tb), Janni Struzyck (tba)
  • Woodwind: Ruth Schepers (altsx/cl/fl), Tian Korthals (ten sx), Edith Steyer (bari sx/cl)
  • RS: Fee Stracke/Leo Auri (pno), Alex Tzschentke (gt), Dirk Strakhof (bs), Tom Dayan (dm)