March 2016


Georgian Film Series: 'A Trip to Karabakh (Gaseirneba Karabaghshi)' by Levan Tutberidze

Thursday 31.03.2016 8:00 PM | Saal

Admission: 5€

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Dr. Lily Fürstenow-Khositashvili


Georgian Film Series

'A Trip to Karabakh' (Gaseirneba Karabaghshi) by Levan Tutberidze

105 Min, Georgia 2005, Original with English Subtitles


The film is based on the 1992 novel "Journey to Karabakh" by Aka Morchiladze.
A group of teenage boys from Tbilisi take a trip to Azerbaijan to buy drugs, and end up fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh war, when they are captured by Azerbaijani militants, with one subsequently being captured by the Armenians. During the course of events, the main character has flashbacks to his relationship with his father, as well as a depressive prostitute. The film shows the absurdity of war with poignant humor and satirical wit. The main protagonists prove themselves as lost heroes on a serious voyage to adult life and its remarkable adventures.

Levan Tutberidze (1959, Tbilisi, Georgia) graduated in 1982 from the State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography of Georgia and specialized as a film director. He participated in various feature films as an actor. Tutberidze is founder of the first Georgian independent film studio, AISI, and one of the founders of the Amirani cultural and movie centre.


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'White Male Complex # 8' by Thomas Eller

Thomas Eller (b. 1964, Coburg) started his studies in Fine Arts at the Hochschule der Künste of Berlin. After his forced dismission, he went on to graduate in Sciences of Religion, Philosophy and Art History from the Freie Universität, Berlin.

Under the generous support of the Vilém Flusser Archivs at the Universität der Künste Berlin.