March 2016


Fukushima the Aftermath

Friday 11.03.2016 4:00 PM | Entire House

Admission: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Akira Ando

Production Flyer

Fukushima the Aftermath

11 March 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. International artists from Berlin stand up for alternative energies with a series of concerts, performances, installations, exhibitions and lectures on that day. To mark the fifth anniversary of the catastrophe, Akira Ando and Tsukasa Yajima present "Fukushima - The Aftermath 2016", a collaboration with the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN. In addition to performances, there will be discussions with the artists involved in the project.


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Five years after Fukushima...

People who have lived in the area have been evacuated to a “safe zone”, but a lot of them are still living in temporary housings without any outlook of returning to their home. In addition, contaminated water from the reactor is drained into the ocean as routine.

The nuclear accident prompted the whole world to discuss their energy politics and Germany, for example, made a political decision to stop all the running power plants earlier than they were supposed to be turned off. Meanwhile the Japanese government is still holding on to its nuke program.

For the 5th anniversary of the nuclear accident, musicians, dancers and other artists will present their examination of the lessons of this disaster and the tasks for the future - which is the theme of the discussion: "FUKUSHIMA: 5 years after the disaster - What happens next?"

It is our responsibility to keep eyes on the issue especially for the generations coming up, because it is not fair to them if they have to live in a highly contaminated world.  

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Panel Discussion: 7:30 – 9:00 PM 
FUKUSHIMA: 5 after the catastrophe - What happens next?
Organizer: Tsukasa Yajima

Discussion Panelists:

  • Masao Fukumoto - freelance journalist
  • Martin Donat - Head of the Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow – Dannenberg
  • Yu kajikawa - Translator, Sayonara Nukes Berlin
  • Moderation: Thomas Dersee - Publisher of “Strahlentelex“

Visual Art: 3:00 PM – 00:00 AM
Artworks by Visual Artists

  • Foyer: Chuuu / Takuya Kurihara / Dylan Bakker | Painting, Music and Performance

  • Seminar Room 2: Paula Nishikawara Gyotaku (fish print)
  • Seminar Room 3: Sigrid Oberer Film Scenes & Documentations
  • Seminar Room 4: Christoph Brandl Photograph & Installation


outside of the building | 3:00 PM

TAIKODO - Opening Performance, in front of the building (if raining, in the foyer)


AIKODO was founded by parents and children of the Japanese school Chuogakuen Berlin.

Taikodo's Motto is to pass on Japanese culture through creating music and dance together.


  • Drums: Juntaro, Roland Schneider, Volker Maruschat, Taiko Saito
  • Flutes: Tobias Schirmer
  • Vocals: Akira, Yuna, Mari Watanabe, Fumi Udo, Fumie Tsuji
  • Dance: Lili, Yuna, Ena, Dana, Luna, Mao Mayer, Akiyo Fujita
  • Stylist: Takako Kitagawa
  • Choreography: Akiyo Fujita
  • Musical Arrangement & Composition: Taiko Saito

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Club | 3:15 PM

Atmospheric Music

Mitsudomoe react to our tumultuous epoch with primitive instruments fashioned from slate and igneous rock.

Miriam Kaul - as, bs
Paul Schwingenschlögl - tp
Louis Durra - key

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Saal | 4:00 PM

Performance by Daniela Marcozzi, directed by Peter Rose


Overcoming a major catastrophe and harnessing the strength to live in the face of death and destruction is the theme considered in Daniela Marcozzi's solo. Certain very specific events can dramatically alter the development and direction of one's life in a matter of minutes. If you survive such an experience it is possible to gain a strength and power to live that is stronger than you previously felt. This experience is so very precious and so strange.

This is the inspiration for “RIGHT ON!” a performance which meditates through movement, monologue and song on the catastrophe of justice that can dramatically change the life of the outspoken citizen into the life of the accused. A group of young Italians were falsely charged with acts of terrorism under the Italian Law 270 and spent one year in prison.

There time behind bars revealed their grace and strength under catastrophic circumstances. “RIGHT ON!” asks the question where did they find the motivation to carry on.

“RIGHT ON!” is an homage to “LIFE in spite of everything” for the people who survive catastrophes.

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Club | 4:15 PM


  • Just Blue Sky Rashidii Graffiti - p, g, voc
  • Philip Henderson - cookie can
  • Akira Ando - db

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Club | 5:15 PM


  • Ustone Lena Kut - voc, electronics
  • Viktor Batki - 7string viola, electronics
  • Antonis Anissegos - key, electronics
  • Daniel Schröteler - dm

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Saal | 6:00 PM
5:30 PM from Hermannplatz to WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN

Performance "Exodus"

Exodus (from the Greek ἔξοδος, 'marching out ',' going out', from Latin. Exodus) is emigration or departure of a large number of people. In the performance, a collective body moves along driven by forces that are beyond any individual, here no one has a name, their own individual story conflated on the run, which like a flood, washes away everything. How much Exodus we have already followed on television? Crowds expelled from Nuclear Eco disaster, war, famine. What happens if those fleeing would get their story / faces again?

Gest/Azione (La Spezia-Berlin) was founded in 1995 by Annalisa Maggiani in Italy and mostly works in open spaces - Occupying Places. In Italy, Gest / Azione has performed in quarries, on the beach, in village squares as well as in castles and subway stations - always relating the story to the spaces. Since 2002, she is organizer of the Solo Butoh Festival "La Danza di Confine" in Lerici -Sarzana (La Spezia).

  • Concept: Annalisa Maggiani
  • Projection Art : Mario Morleo
  • Live Music : Claudia Risch
  • Performers: Annalisa Maggiani, Elke Postler, Angela Lexa, Davide Manuguerra, Antje Mehle, Alessandra Roticiani, Ana Carbia, Steffen Hofmeister, Caro Kim

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Club | 6:15

Yumiko Oshima | Songs by Tôru Takemitsu

Tôru Takemitsu is one of the best known modern composers of Japan. He has received worldwide recognition for many of his composition, including "November Steps". He always tried to convey what is important for humanity or for the world through lyrics and compositions.

Why I want to sing the songs of Tôru Takemitsu:

"Five years have passed since the Fukushima disaster, but nothing has since been under control: neither the state of the reactors nor the issues of contaminated water, contaminated soil, radiation in the atmosphere and the people who had suddenly lost their home are still forced to live with uncertainty for the future and fears concerning their health.

The animals that had been left there from one day to the next were forced to die starving in misery. It must not be allowed that people operate the uncontrollable nuclear power plants or sell them to foreign interests, but that is exactly what the Japanese government is doing. "Fukushima the Aftermath" is the answer to this: The world can not simply watch, nor permit it to happen. For this reason, I would like to sing these songs."

Yumiko Ôshima, singer


  • Yumiko Oshima - voc
  • Akira Ando - db

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Saal | 7:00 PM

 Dance Improvisation Company

  • Gunter Hampel - vib, bcl, fl
  • Danilo Cardoso - dance
  • Cavana Lee Hampel - voc
  • Ruomi Lee Hampel: dance
  • Johannes Schleiermacher - ts, fl
  • Bernd Oezsevim - dm

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Club | 7:00 PM

Polish ancient lamentation and new Berliner lament songs.
With a big help of Ezra Pound's poems.

Emilia Niezbecka - voice, tabla, violin
Marieluise Hermann - accordion, voice, guitar

"Who are we, humans, and what do we live for at all? Is our life only about economical power? Steady income? Reproduction? Do we know ourselves at all? We are longing for love, but building walls out of fear from each other… as if we would be two or more separated beings in one body…
Is every single disaster in this world not an expression of a big confusion we are carrying inside us?
But we are keeping ourselves too busy to see it and too distracted by everyday trivial."

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Room 1 | 7:15 PM

Poetry Reading

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電気神楽 Electro Kagura

Saal | 8:00 PM

Electro Kagura
“Beethoven Symphony No.7 2nd movement”

Director: Yukihiro Ikutani

Dance:I chi Go

Music: AXL OTL(Cedric Douhaire)

"This deep and dramatic symphony always gives me energy. I asked AXL OTL to make an electro rework of this famous piece. The influence of classical music in his Electronica is predominant and he is used to this sort of association. I want to search the darkness and the brightness within our human body, like traveling through a mirror and exploring its two sides..."

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Club | 8:15 PM

Ensemble Listening Station

A performance about the stranded FRIEDENSWAL Undine, which is a GPS controlled sound sculpture in a glass coffin: crossing all the war torn coasts of the world with sound cannons for peace!

Theo Jörgensmann - cl
Regina Schulte am Huelse - Lyrics+Vocals
Bernd Oezsevim - dm
Christian Marien - dm
Nikolas Neuser - tp
Mike Vamp - Sound Design

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Saal | 9:00 PM

Rieko Okuda - p
Yuko Kaseki - dance
Michiyasu Furutani - dance

"The sharing experiences and fear at the aftermath in Fukushima through our performance is very important. We like to send you the message: the massive sadness came at once. We should not forget what people experienced. But at the same time, we like to bring the light to Fukushima. The word "Fukushima" should not remember as only sadness, but as one of the great city in Japan. We will perform with Japanese traditional dance, butoh, and music to send this message."

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Club | 21:15

Performance: SYNTRON

Music : Thomas Zunk
Grotesque Dance: Elke Postler

The artists of SYNTRON (Elke Postler - grotesque dance & Thomas Zunk - music) work together since 2000 and have since staged 14 productions. Thomas' composition REQUIEM MMXVI (2014-1016) was remodelled into a dance version especially for this event and will be premièred on stage here.

This 21st Century Musique Concrete Sampling project combining found sounds from the Internet and live music of unexpected force comes to life with a groteque ritualistic dance derived from martial arts movements and images of tibetan Dakinis, Mahakalas as well as east-asian dance forms including balinese Legong and japanese Butoh.The goddess dancer burning with energy and unaware of the destructive forces she emanates is at the same time destroyer and victim of the forces of man's pity machines going havoc.

A reflection on man-made death by machines in memory of all victims of the nuclear disasters in Japan - Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima.

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Saal | 10:00 PM

Lies / Harmony Dance Theater, Performance & Video :
Bodypoet Kazuma Glen Motomura



Kazuma is known under the name of bodypoet. He combines hip hop, contemporary dance and martial arts with his poetic artistry. As a dancer in Japan and Berlin, he has worked as a performer at the United Nations Headquarters, Japan Society Gala and among others with Yoko Ono, MGM Grand Las Vegas, 42nd Street Duke, Central Park Summer Stage (NY), the groups Spinnin Ronin Martial Arts Dance Theater, Akim Funk Buddha, Juxtapower-South Africa, Perrine valli (France) and at the Johannes Passion Berlin.

He is interested in collaborating with artists from other disciplines (visual arts, music, film, photography) and also often performs spontaneously in unusual places and locations. His own work "Between Lies and Harmony" was shown in various festivals in Berlin. He gives regular lessons in hip hop and improvisational techniques in the Lake Studios Berlin and organizes dance battles and events there as well.

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Saal | 11:00 PM

Jazz As Pure Spirit = JAPS

JAPS (Jazz As Pure Spirit) is a group of artists who looks at the past and searches for the better future.
In 2013, the group started as a Jazz trio by Akira Ando ( bass ), Han Sato (ts, ss), and Masaya Hijikata (dms). Later, Zam Johnson took over Masaya as the drummer and Izumi Ose has joined the group that made the group very much colorful. For the last concert at Badenscher-hof, Yoshihiro Shimomura (Butoh dancer) has joined the group as a guest dancer. His participation has enlarged the future possibilities of the group. Repertory of JAPS covers jazz, funk, latin, free jazz etc... But a lot of compositions (ex. “Rice harvest”, “Black cows in Namie”) have a strong Japanese influence.

“Don’t let their greed destroy the world”

Did you forget Hiroshima?
Can you forget Nagasaki?
Did you forget Chernobyl?
Are you trying to forget Fukushima?
Can you really do?

Nuke makes Power
Power brings Money
Money makes Greed
Greed brings Death

Don’t let Nuke wreck the earth
Don’t let Power overcome the globe
Don’t let Money deceive those people
Don’t let their Greed destroy the world

Feb. 2016 Akira Ando

Music : The JAPS and friends
Special guest conductor : Günter “Baby” Sommer

  • Akira Ando - db Han Sato - ts
  • Izumi Ose - p, voc
  • Yumiko Oshima - voc
  • Zam Johnson - dm
  • Miriam Kaul - as, bs
  • Paul Schwingenschllögl - tp
  • Felix Komoll - fl, g
  • Emilia Niezbecka - vi, voc
  • Yoshohiro Shimomura - dance
  • Ichi Go - dance
  • Maria de Faria - dance
  • Willi Kellers - dm
  • Thomas Zung - key et al.

The JAPS and friends!archive/c14qb
Guest conductor : Günter „Baby“ Sommer

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Raum 1 | 7:30 – 9:00 PM


“ FUKUSHIMA: 5 Years After the Catastrophy - What happens next?“

Five years have passed since the meltdown at Fukushima. A vast region was radioactively contaminated and made permanently uninhabitable. Many people lost their homes and some are still forced to live in fear, insecurity and hopelessness. How is it possible that the Japanese government still maintains its nuclear course?


But above all, how does the world view Fukushima? Germany has decided to phase out nuclear power, but still eight nuclear reactors are on the grid. In neighboring countries, there are still many, nine of which are on the German border. Neither at home, nor abroad does anyone know where the daily produced radioactive waste should be disposed of. What kind of world do we want and what can we do?


Thomas Dersee - Publisher of “Strahlentelex“


Discussion Panelists:

  • Masao Fukumoto - freelance journalist
  • Martin Donat - Head of the Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Lüchow – Dannenberg
  • Yu kajikawa - Translator, Sayonara Nukes Berlin

Akira Ando and Tsukasa Yajima
in cooperation with: WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, Sayonara Nukes Berlin/Potestival, Bürger-Initiative Lüchow-Dannenberg, Bildungswerk der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin

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3:00 PM – 00:00 AM

Painting, Music and Performance

  • Foyer: Chuuu / Takuya Kurihara / Dylan Bakker | Painting, Music and Performance
  • Seminar Room 2: Paula Nishikawara Gyotaku (fish print)
  • Seminar Room 3: Sigrid Oberer Film Scenes & Documentations
  • Seminar Room 4: Christoph Brandl Photograph & Installation

Chuuu / Takuya Kurihara / Dylan Bakker

Chuuu was born in Kyoto Japan 1975. His base is now in Berlin. Now the theme of his works are nostalgia-ism and reconstitution.In his paintings and drawings, influenced by Japan, Berlin wall, Girl and History of painting tools. He expresses nostalgia by using techniques such as scraping and scaling paints, use dry impasto material to make crack surface, use flat touches and intentionally unshaded image. Adding modern elements of manga and anime on those,that is his work. He uses Acrylics, Gouache, Aquarelle, Ink, Colored pencil, Tea, Oil, Magazines and more. He moved his activities to Berlin in 2003 moved. Between 2009 and 2012, Chuu also did art projects at Tacheles.

Seminar Room 2: Paula Nishikawara Gyotaku (fish print)

Paula Nishikawara is a Vancouver artist currently painting and living in Berlin, Germany. She is a graduate of Emily Carr College of Art and Design who has exhibited in Canada, the United States, Australia and Germany.

Paula is passionate about creating “experiences” that combine concept, authenticity, seeking of truth and freedom. In Berlin, a show was set in a cellar, while in Vancouver exhibitions have graced homes in private wooded forests and with ocean views. Most recently a large Chinatown space in Vancouver was converted into an experience of 17 original pieces and a unique performance of Dance, Music and Painting called “This Is It”. She has developed a body of collaborative art work with Pedda Borowski, a Berlin based artist and Juozas Augulis an artist/philosopher from Lithuania. Her large scale pieces transform spaces with a unique West Coast palette and treatment on raw canvas and are displayed as backdrops for musical performances and business openings.

“I have a brush in my hand, immersed in a project, collaborating to create what's possible when joining together. We are fully involved in this language beyond words and engaging with our audience.”

Seminar Room 3: Sigrid Oberer Film scenes & documentaries

Film scenes & documentaries,  1 1/2-hour loops in three parts

Seminar Room 4: Christoph Brandl Photograph & Installation

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