April 2016


Carnatic Comfort Zone

Saturday 30.04.2016 3:00 PM & 8:15 PM | Saal

Admission: per Concert Part 10€ / 5€ | Both Parts: 15€ / 10€, Children under 11 years: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Manickam Yogeswaran / Global Music Academy


Carnatic Comfort Zone

South Indian Classical Music meets Other Global Genres

Manickam Yogeswaran presents a diverse musical event featuring MUSICIANS, DANCERS and STUDENTS from the Global Music Academy

Transformations and explorations are an integral part of classical South Indian music. In CARNATIC COMFORT ZONE, South Indian classical music does what it does best: It connects, transforms, entangles and interweaves. It thus refers to permanent interactions between the types of music from all continents. For this never ending process of musical creativity in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the Global Music Academy offers the proper institutional framework.

Musicians, dancers and students will together be showcasing the diverse music and dance offered by this unique music school.

Manickam Yogeswaran is classical singer of Carnatic music of South India and a composer. Deeply rooted in this vibrant tradition, he opens it up to a new audience and transforms it through the exploration of contemporary music. Collaborations with classical orchestras and film composers has been an integral part of his musical career, including concerts in the Royal Opera House London, at BBC Proms with the BBY-Symphony Orchestra as well as the soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick "Eyes Wide Shut" and Spike Lee's "The 25th Hour".

Manickam Yogeswaran together with K. S. Rajkumar (Mridangam) and P. Kannan (violin) unfurls the traditional structure of a South Indian classical concert and later transfers it into an impromptu encounter with contemporary musicians of a variety global musical styles.


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Part I: Afternoon Concerts

  • 3:00 PM Invocation - Carnatic Music (Manickam Yogeswaran's students)

  • 3:20 PM Traditions in Transition - South Indian Bharatanatyam Dance (Rajyashree Ramesh and students)
  • 3:50 PM Flamenco Sounds - Flamenco guitar (Nikolaos Tsiachris and students)
  • 4:10 PM Masmoudis - Turkish/Arab Percussion - Ensemble and frame drum solo (Sebastian Flaig and students)
  • 4:25 PM Solchanggo & DongTa - Korean and Turkish/Arab Percussion (Bo-Sung Kim/Sebastian Flaig and students)

BREAK: 5:00 to 5:30 PM

  • 5:30 PM Surfing on Soundwaves - Overtone and Throat Singing (Gisbert Schürig)

  • 5:50 PM Brindabaadan - Ensemble Play - Tabla Ensemble Kamalesh Maitra - Classic North Indian Percussion (Laura Patchen and students)
  • 6:20 PM German-Brazilian Encounter
    Hurdy Gurdy (Silke Reichmann de Salas and students)
    Duo Maritaca - Hurdy Gurdy/Berimbao/Pandeiro/Vocals (Silke Reichmann de Salas/Catarina de Paula Borba)
  • 6:50 PM Latin Jazz between Cuba and New York - Latin Jazz Ensemble (Daniel Stawinski and students)

BREAK: 7:15 to 8:15 PM

PART II: Evening Concerts

  • 8:15 PM Carnatic Comfort Zone - South Indian Classic music (Carnatic) (Manickam Yogeswaran / P. Kannan / K. S. Rajkmuar / Jasmin Nolan)
  • 10:00 PM Peace Formation - an interactive program with Manickam Yogeswaran and musicians of the Global Music Academy

A musical preview: 

Carnatic Singing - Manickam Yogaswaran from Global Music Academy on Vimeo.

Kanjira - Manickam Yogaswaran from Global Music Academy on Vimeo.

Mridangam - Manickam Yogaswaran from Global Music Academy on Vimeo.

The event Carnatic Comfort Zone is a cooperation between WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN and Manickam Yogeswaran and the Global Music Academy.



The facilities of the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN are accessible to wheelchair users. Please call us in advance on +49 (0)30 60 97 70-0 to ensure proper access support.