June 2016


World Wide Music

Friday 10.06.2016 9:00 PM | Club

Admission: 15 / 10 (discount) / 5 € (with Berlinpass) | Children under 14: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen


Solo Sow & Band

Afro Pop

Solo Sow, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Guinea-Conakry, has music in his blood. Together with his former Afro-percussion band KONKOBÁ, he has played at many major festivals in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

With his first solo album, he now breaks away from the traditional music of his homeland, making room for European influences, that have accompanied him along the way from his old and his (these days not so) new home in Berlin: PRET POUR LE DECOLLAGE is Afro Pop at its best! Music that makes your legs move, but also appeals to the head and the heart. Singing in several European and African languages, Solo Sow tells of his experiences as an immigrant in Germany. His songs are about his role as a translator between the two continents, his life "between" two worlds, the first steps in his new home and the inflated expectations of African families and of false friends.

Musically, the album is a groovy mix of African and European rhythms. With PRET POUR LE DECOLLAGE (Ready for Departure), Solo and his band present the complexity with which they seek to delight their audience and make them dance. And it works! On the album, which was partially recorded at the legendary TRIXX Studio, Solo Sow is accompanied by the famous West African guitarist Layba (Lenké) Condé, specialist of Manding style, who has performed with greats Manu Dibango, Mory Kanté, Dieter Weberpals and Sona Diabaté. The drummer Souleymane Touré was the former band leader of Alpha Blondy. Solo Sow's live performances are with a unique line up of musicians.


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