June 2016


World Wide Music

Friday 24.06.2016 9:00 PM | Club

Admission: 15 / 10 (discount) / 5 € (with Berlinpass) | Children under 14: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen


Abhay Rustum Sopori

Santoor Maestro, Music Composer & Conductor

Versatile is one word that describes Abhay Rustum Sopori, for he is the youngest Santoor maestro, youngest classical musician to compose and conduct orchestras and folk & Sufi ensembles, and has also been the youngest recipient of all the awards that he has received including the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi‟s first „Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar‟, 2006 and „J&K State Award‟ (the highest Civilian Award of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, 2011) in recognition of his outstanding contribution and achievements in the field of music.

A gifted and prodigious musician, Abhay continues to innovate and experiment with the Santoor further extending its dimension. In keeping with his lineage he has established the concept of „Gayan-Vadan Baaj‟ in the Indian classical system and introduced the „Open String Concept‟ on the Santoor together with the „Enhanced Sustain Technique‟. He has also invented, designed and introduced a new 30-stringed instrument „Sur Santoor‟. Abhay has revived the old Sufiana Tarana compositions of his predecessors and adopted them in the Indian Classical scenario and also composed and introduced new Khayal compositions based on Sufi Saints of Kashmir.

Some of hallmarks of Abhay's performances are mellifluous playing, lightning tempo, clarity and accuracy of Raga exposition and adoption of the Sopori Baaj (style) the unique format of Santoor playing created by Pandit Bhajan Sopori. The Sopori Baaj incorporates the essential technical nuances of both the Gayaki (vocal) and Tantrakari (instrumental) Angs (aspects) such as „Meend‟, „Gamak‟, „Glides‟, „Taan‟, „Bol‟, „Chhand‟ and „Laya‟ patterns, which are absolutely essential for the correct rendering of Raga-Sangeet in the true Indian Classical tradition. Performing with the accompaniment of the Pakhawaj is also a special characteristic of his Baaj.

Another remarkable and unique quality of his presentation is that he sings the composition along with its instrumental rendering reviving the traditional Santoor playing. Abhay has carried forward the great legacy of his family in propagating and promoting the Indian culture globally. He has the credit for creating a Cultural Revolution in the Jammu and Kashmir State bringing the youth together through music. His efforts and initiatives have been path-breaking creating a new generation of music connoisseurs and bringing more recognition to the art and culture of the country. He has not only established himself as one of the most prominent musicians of the present generation but simultaneously promoted numerous upcoming and talented musicians of the country.

For more information about Abhay Rustum Sopori's Europe & Russia Tour 2016 click here or check out their Facebook page The Magic of Santoor.


Invite Friends

Pandit Bhajan Sopori and Abhay Rustum Sopori, renowned Santoor players from India

Raag Nirmalkauns by Pt. Bhajan and Abhay Sopori


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