June 2016


Esther Bejarano and The Microphone Mafia

Thursday 09.06.2016 6:30 PM | Club

Admission: 10 € | 5 € for students

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Walter Gropius Schule Neukölln


Esther Bejarano and the Microphone Mafia

Reading and Concert
in collaboration with students from the Walter Gropius Schule, Neukölln


Esther Bejarano Esther Bejarano is one of the last survivors of the Auschwitz Girls Orchestra. When an accordion player for the infamous orchestra was saught, the young pianist lied, passed the entrance exam and played for her life. She survived the Nazi terror in the camps of Auschwitz and Ravensbruck. After the liberation, she married a Turkish Jew and lived first in Israel / Palestine, then in Hamburg where she found home in the peace movement. She is co-founder and chairperson of the International Auschwitz Comittee and honorary chairman of the Association of Victims of Nazi Persecution (Verein der Verfolgten des Naziregimes).

The 90 year old musician sings against racism in the multicultural Cologner rap combo "Microphone Mafia" together with her son Joram Bejerano. The German-Turkish-Sicilian formation is one of the oldest existing German hip hop acts and rooted in the political youth culture of the marginalized, it makes its argument for a human world with an authentic connection through the readings and songs of a living survivor. Esther Bejarano is an attentive observer of political current affairs and a staunch advocate of the rights of refugees. Given the current emergence of a new right (AFD / Pegida), she warns impressively: "The statement 'Resist the beginnings" is long gone, we are in the thick of it!"

As a living survivor, Esther Bejarano seeks to talk to students throughout Germany. Because of her personal history and musical-political engagement, she is particularly interested in experience and world of young people from contexts of migration. Students from the Walter Gropius Schule in Neukölln are meeting with Esther Bejarano as part of a contemporary witness project at their school and will collaborate on the concert music.

The project seeks to transfer the testimony of Shoah survivors as a diversity-sensitive learning place of solidarity and tolerance into the lives of students in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Together with Esther Bejarano and the Microphone Mafia

, the young people want to motivate civic and artistic commitment and with a sign of solidarity speak out against anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism.

"It's time for an outcry from all of us, an unmistakable, loud cry that echoes to the farthest corners of our country and around the world. The statement 'Resist the beginnings" is long gone, we are in the thick of it!" - Esther Bejarano about the emergence of a new right (Pegida / AFD etc) at the Rosa Luxembourg Conference in January 2016. Berlin



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Video from "Die Anstalt: Esther Bejarano über alte und neue Nazis"

Esther Bejarano and The Microphone Mafia

This event is a cooperation with the Walter Gropius Schule Neukölln and the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

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