July 2016


An Oriental Night to Remember

Saturday 09.07.2016 7:30 PM | Saal

Admission: 15 €

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen


An oriental night to remember

Raise the curtain for Mazzikatea Europe (Orchestra Edition)!

Diab Nasser unites musicians from all of his projects (Very Important Players, Shabab, Mazzikatea Europe) who, as a 15-member ensemble, bring high quality music from the Orient to Berlin on this unforgettable evening.

Diab Nasser's team consists exclusively of professional musicians. Part of the project has accompanied the most prominent belly dancers for years.

The jazz, funk and soul part of the orchestra is a well known feature of Berlin's theatre, musical, gala and club scene. Elites from the German dance scene join the project too, featuring:

Delanna (organizer of Festivals 360° Orient) and her entrancing Ensemble Lazurie, Katharina Joumana (director of Tanzstudio Azadeh / organizer of the legendary Show Café am Nil) and her Ensemble Oriental Roses, as well as Catherine Mancera (organizer of Spirit of Cairo Festivals).



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