July 2016


It's Raining Pearls - Theatre from the Arabic World

Sunday 24.07.2016 7:00 PM | Saal

Admission: €9 / €6, refugees: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Zentrum für arabisches Theater und Interkulturalität Zati e.V. & Hakaya Theatergruppe


It's Raining Pearls

A theatre piece from Dubai - about love, war, flight and the meaning of life


Airports are always only a setting for short scenes of our stories - from the beginning, the end or somewhere in the middle. What would it be like if the entire story, from start to finish, took place at an airport?

She is a traveller waiting for her flight at the airport, where he, actually a journalist, works as a baggage handler. They get to know each other when he helps her carry her luggage. They start a conversation that is interrupted by a loud explosion. As they wait to be rescued they try to combat their fears with role plays. Is this still in this world, or already in another?

Writer: Mohamed Ghobashi
Director: Wael Elmughrabi
Scenography: Sami Abdulhalim
Performers: Hajer Al Mosleh und Mohamed Ghobashi
Music and sound effects: Ahmad al Zeghool
Live music: Emy Mahdy (double bass)


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A cooperative production with the Zentrum für arabisches Theater und Interkulturalität Zati e.V. and the Hakaya theatre group.



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