October 2016


To Die in Beauty - R + J

Thursday 20.10.2016 9:00 PM | Saal

Admission: 15 € / 9 € (discount)

Organizer: Neuköllner Oper


To die in beauty

An international festival about violence in musical theatre and our reality.

Roma and Julia stand – separated only by a barricade – opposite each other. Just like in Shakespeare. However, not in Verona but in the Ukraine. He, an activist from Lviv and she, the daughter of a Russian separatist from the Donbass. In this theatrical rock concert, Sashko Brama, one of the Ukraine’s most important young directors, makes the struggle for Maidan Square the showdown for a generation whose homeland is breaking apart. With German subtitles. Length: 75 minutes

You can find more information about this event through the producer: Neuköllner Oper.