November 2016


Nur wer sich ändert bleibt sich treu

Wednesday 09.11.2016 9:00 AM | Hall, S1-S4

Admission: free entry

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Werkstatt Religionen und Weltanschauungen



Nur wer sich ändert, bleibt sich treu

Religions and world views in times of change

Last year, the Werkstatt Religions and World Views addressed the topic of "Otherness" (with the focus on sensitisation and demarcation). This year, we are turning our attention towards becoming "other".
How do religions, worldviews and atheists deal with change, becoming "other" and transformation?

Are there helpful texts, traditions or suggestions for the challenges that have to be mastered on an individual and collective basis in such processes? And: how do religions and worldviews themselves change under such conditions?

The symposium will feature talks, discussions and workshops from many perspectives, dealing with the theme of "becoming other" and with special reference to the religious and worldview handling of this theme.

In addition, there will be the chance to talk to many members of the Werkstatt Religions and World Views: Alevis, Baha’i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Humanists, Muslims, Jews, Neopagans and Sikhs.


8:30 AM Registration and coffee/tea

9:00 AM Welcome and introduction

9:15 AM Podium Werkstatt Religions and World Views

10:00 AM Change/Transformation from a Buddhist Perspective (AT)
Talk by Dido Roggatz, Berlin

10:45 AM Coffee/tea break

11:15 AM Questions and comments about the talk

11:45 AM Change/Transformation from a Psychological View (AT)
Talk by Elif Alkan Härtwig, Berlin

12:30 PM Questions and comments about the talk

1:00 PM Lunch break

2:00 PM Musical Intermezzo by Kelvin Sholar, Piano

2:15 PM Identifying change and making it visible (AT)
Large group workshop led by Ute Zimmermanns

4:15 PM Presentation of workshop results

4:45 PM Short film

5:00 PM End of the symposium

Limited number of participants, therefore registration is required: 
Fax 030 – 60 97 70-13 /


The WERkStatt Religions and WOrld Views



The Werkstatt Religions and World Views is an open workshop, primarily consisting of people from the education sector, who out of private or professional interest seek an interfaith dialog.

Religions and world views form the basis of every cultural identity. However, experience shows that limited knowledge about them prevails, and direct encounters with 'other' religions generally do not take place. The aim of this workshop is to open up and encourage direct dialog between different religions and world views.



The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN recognizes the significance of interfaith and inter-philosophical discourse and seeks to offer a platform for it to continue. Members of various religious and world view communities make up the workshop group and come from a wide and impressive range of backgrounds: Protestantism, Catholicism, Serb-Orthodox Christianity, Sunni Islam, Sufism, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Baha’ism to Neo-Paganism and secular Humanism. The participants of the workshop do not view themselves as representatives of their communities; rather, as individuals with a specific religious background or world-view. The dialog draws strongly from the personal biographies of the participants.


The workshop takes place monthly. Focusing on a different theme every year, the group also puts on a Further Education seminar for teachers and other disseminators, as well as discussion meetings now and again.





The facilities of the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN are accessible to wheelchair users. Please call us in advance on +49 (0)30 60 97 70-0 to ensure proper access support.