December 2016


Raum für Flucht

Tuesday 13.12.2016 7:00 PM | Club

Admission: free entry



Raum Für Flucht: Lost in No Man's Land

A Glimpse behind the borders

For the last 18 months, the Swiss man Michael Räber has been helping in Greek refugee camps with friends and family, and founded the private initiative, also known as schwizerchrüz. By offering direct assistance at the locations where help is most needed, they – together with other volunteers from all over the world – have been active and effective on site.
Until July 2016, the helpers were on Lesbos, then they moved on to Idomeni and now they support over 1000 people in two facilities constructed by the military in Sindos, in Northern Greece, working jointly with some other NGOs. They distribute additional drinking water, organize cooking and work opportunities and Internet access. Among other successes, they were able to set up the Karamanlis Cultural Center school thanks to donations. A shop has also been set up where people can source vegetables, milk, bread and hygiene products using a points system.
Nevertheless, the conditions in the camps are (still) unfit for humans and there appears to be no end in sight.
Now Michael Räber has come to Berlin to share his experiences and current developments in Greece with us.

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Events that have taken place as part of our Raum für Flucht initative include:

11 November 2015: Scream from the Camp - Film & Discussion from/with Sudanese Refugee Activists from Hanover & Berlin (Oranienplatz).

03 March 2016: You think you know me? Theater & Discussion with Linda Gabriel.

16 March 2016: Info Night of Carnival Al-Lajiìn_Al-Lajiàat from the campaign My Right is Your Right.

06 April 2016: La Vie En Europe - Film & Discussion by and with Oumar Assoumane Aghali.

20 April 2016: L'esclavage moderne - Theater Workshop & Discussion with Thierry Kwedji from WIR SIND HIER.

06 July 2016: Premiere "Mein Berlin" - Results from the "Ankommen in Deutschland" film workshop with young refugees

13 July 2016: Germany Film Night with GermanNow.

20 July 2016: Germany Film Night with GermanNow.

27 July 2016: Germany Film Night with GermanNow.

28 September 2016: Working group for refugees starting work from akarsu e.V.

12 October 2016: Film evening from and about Women in Exile.

26 October 2016: Balkan route - Searching for freedom from J. Scherf u.a.

16 November 2016: Women seeking refuge from Afrika Medizen Zentrum e.V.

13 December 2016: Michael Räber from


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