December 2016



Wednesday 07.12.2016 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM) | Saal

Admission: €15 / €10 | Presales: €16.50 / concession €11

Organizer: Initiative Kulturschaffender e.V.


Colinde: Romanian CHRISTMAS CAROLS

Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu sings Romanian winter and Christmas songs

The Romanian singer Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu presents a concert of winter songs and Christmas carols from her homeland at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN on the 7th of December. She will be accompanied by the accordion player Dejan Jovanović (originally from Serbia) and Valeriu Caşcaval (from the Republic of Moldova) on cimbalom. These two are virtuosos on their instruments and have worked together for many years.
In Romania, singing Christmas carols (Colinde) together is an ancient custom that still survives to this day, particularly in rural areas. Some songs wish health and prosperity, others seek reconciliation with the spirits of the dead. Many of these songs have pre-Christian roots, yet there are also Colinde that have religious tones. Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu rediscovers these for us and bestows an intricate charm on these songs, that are rarely sung on the concert stage, with her warm voice and unusual interpretations. This concert by the three musicians from South-eastern Europe is a warm welcome to the Berlin public to roam through the snowy winter wonderland of Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu's childhood with her.

Photo © Erika Borbely Hansen

Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu comes from Humulești in Northern Romania and moved to Berlin in the 1990s, where she studied jazz and classical singing. Her repertoire includes Roma songs and songs from the various Balkan cultures, as well as 1930s tango music from Bucharest. No other singer of the younger Romanian generation has come close to her authentic yet free style of the Tangos á la Romanesque. Oana Cǎtǎlina Chiţu has become known to a wide audience in this country due to her empathetic and bold interpretations of the repertoire of Romanian folk singer Maria Tănase.

Line up:
Oana Cătălina Chiţu,
Dejan Jovanović,
Valeriu Caşcaval,

: 030 61 10 13 13,


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