January 2017


2nd Global Drums Festival

Saturday 21.01.2017 3 PM | Entire House

Admission: Day pass: €22 / €18 / €12 (Berlin Pass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen


20 | 21 | 22 JANUARy 2017 | 2nd Global Drums Festival


From the 20th – 22nd January 2017 Berlin's WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN will be presenting exciting excerpts from the broad spectrum of the transcultural percussion scene in Berlin at the 2nd GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL – focussing on percussive music from Arab countries. The festival will be accompanied by two percussion concerts from our World Wide Music series: on 13th January 2017 GORDON ODAMETEY & ABAATU BAND and on 27th January 2017 DUO SAFAR!

The GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL represents the variety of percussive music in the different art and cultural settings of Berlin, and with it the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN cultural institute, founded in 1993 in Berlin, once more revisits its raison d‘être: the celebration of cultural difference and diversity – in one of the most rapidly transforming cultural cities in Europe.



SATURDAY, 21.01.2017

3-5pm | Café | Percussion workshop with A. Mehnert & H. Göregen

6pm | Hall | Khader Ahmad

6:45pm | Hall | Nora Thiele & Saif Al-Khayyat

8pm | Hall | Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

10pm | Club | Raqs Night & Cairo Hip.Beat.Box with Nasser Kilada & Daniel Mandolini

           (Concert not included in the Festival ticket)

Presenter: Eric Vaughn
Project director:
Anette Heit



Day pass: €22 / €18 (student) / €12 (with Berlin Pass)
TAMAM at World Wide Music: €15 / €10 (student) / €5 (with Berlin Pass)
Raqs Night & Cairo Hip.Beat.Box: €10 / €5 (concession)

*Programme subject to change



SATURDAY, 21 JanuarY 2017




SATURDAY 21.01.2017 | 3pm to 5pm | Café

Hogir Göregen - Turkey

Alfred Mehnert - Germany

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Lebanon / Germany

SATURDAY 21.01.2017 | 6 PM | Hall



Khader Ahmad was born in Lebanon,but raised in Berlin, Germany. He has already worked with famous oriental dancers and musicians. His clear and brilliant way of playing and his sensitivity have made him one of the most requested percussionist for years. He worked with popular Arabic singers and musicians such as Ahmad Adawea, Mohammed Mounir, Cheb Khaled and the legend Magdy Al Husseini. In 2012, he founded the band "RAQSA",specialized in music of oriental dance. In 2014, he started a project named "DUM TAK Revolution" which combines traditional arabic music with modern electronic pop, shaabi and belly dance. The project based in Berlin released the "DUM TAK Revolution Vol.1" featuring Alla Kushnir and in collaboration with Jillina. The second album "DUM TAK Revolution Vol.2" has also been released. The third album Dum Tak Revolution Vol.3 in cooperation with Sadie came out in june 2016.

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Nora Thiele & Saif Al-Khayyat

Germany/ Iraq

SATURDAY 21.01.2017 | 6:45 PM | Hall

Ahlam Babiliyya (Babylonian Dreams) is a homage to the old high culture of the Babylonian empire which also formed an important basis for European culture. The aim is to preserve the centuries-old tradition of Iraq Maqam music on the one hand, and make a gentle rejuvenation and further development of it audible at the same time. 

The programme includes traditional Iraqi Maqam melodies, compositions by classical masters as well as their own pieces.

Maqam is a musical style and the umbrella term for the scales that it uses. It is the role of the musicians interpreting the Maqam to achieve the special emotion of a Maqam and to convey this mood to the audience with empathy and virtuosity. The moment, the musical meditation, and the art of improvisation are at the heart of this concert.


In June 2014, the duo released their first CD entitled "Ahlam Babiliyya - Babylonian Dreams", which features traditional Iraqi music, works by Mounir Bahsir, Ganehm Haddad and their own compositions and improvisations.
The duo Al-Khayyat & Thiele are among the three winners of the 5th creole Berlin Brandenburg


Nora Thiele is an exceptionally diverse and in demand percussionist and has made a name for herself in the international frame drum scene with her captivating stage presence and her distinctive sound. As a musician, she moves between the genres of old music, global music, jazz and improvisation. Traditional, experimental and classical music feature in equal measure in her repertoire. As an independent musician who lives in Berlin, Nora Thiele composes pieces for frame drum and other chamber music. She has performed concerts as a soloist and with her ensemble in Europe, the Middle East and China.

Saif Al-Khayyat studied classical Arab lute from 1992 to 1998 at the Bagdad Conservatory. Sami Nasim was one of the masters he studied with. During his studies, he performed as a soloist with the "Amasi Al Sharq" orchestra and composed songs for the church choir. Saif Al-Khayyat founded the "Ho-Jazz" ensemble in Leipzig, connecting Arab classical music with jazz. He has performed at events such as the “Festival of Lutes” in Dresden, "Quedlinburg Music Summer" and the “Leipzig Jazznachwuchsfestival”.


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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi


SATURDAY 21.01.2017 | 8 PM | Hall

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi (born in Isfahan/Iran in 1978) is considered by many as the world’s best Tombak player. In the course of his career he developed over 30 new striking and finger techniques and revolutionised the traditional way of playing – not always to the joy of the old masters. Since 16 years Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is living and working as a musician and composer in Germany with base in Berlin.

In 2003 he received the German World Music Award RUTH in the newcomers’ category. In March 2010 his concert successes were crowned by a solo concert he gave at the Philharmonie in Berlin.
In 2010 Mohammad Reza Mortazavi also started to work with flowfish.music and that on two releases at once: the solo CD GREEN HANDS and the DVD Live at the Berlin Philharmonie.His solo tour for the album CODEX started in 2013, with almost 100 concerts around the world in venues such as the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Philharmonie Köln or several times at the Fusion Festival in Germany. For the final concert in 2015, he sold out the Samaritan Church (Samariterkirche) in Berlin.
In 2015 Mohammad Reza Mortazavi started a regular acoustic event in Berlin, called TRANSFORMATION which is also the name of his 8th solo album, released in 2016.



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Raqs Night & Cairo Hip.Beat.Box
mit Nasser Kilada & Daniel Mandolini

SATURDAY 21.01.2017 | 10 PM | Club

Party is not included in the Festival Ticket

Admission: € 10 / € 5 (concession)

Daniel Mandolini

Nasser Kilada


Raqs Night & Cairo Hip.Beat.Box

Traditional Egyptian songs and rhythms meet modern beat box – the Egyptian-German musician Nasser Kilada and the German-Argentine beat boxer Daniel Mandolini present a new musical concept. They unite the traditional and modern, the Orient and Occident: drum and bass, beat box, Middle Eastern and Afro rhythms together with percussive, vocal and melodic overdubs create a totally new musical experience.

Nasser Kilada - Vocals, Percussion, Oud
Daniel Mandolini - Beat Box, Live Looping

Special Guest: Moussa Coulibaly - Balafon, Kora, Djembe



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