January 2017


2nd Global Drums Festival

Sunday 22.01.2017 2 PM | Entire House

Admission: Day pass: €22 / €18 / €12 (Berlin Pass)

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen


20 | 21 | 22 JANUARy 2017 | 2nd Global Drums Festival


From the 20th – 22nd January 2017 Berlin's WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN will be presenting exciting excerpts from the broad spectrum of the transcultural percussion scene in Berlin at the 2nd GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL – focussing on percussive music from Arab countries. The festival will be accompanied by two percussion concerts from our World Wide Music series: on 13th January 2017 GORDON ODAMETEY & ABAATU BAND and on 27th January 2017 DUO SAFAR!

The GLOBAL DRUMS FESTIVAL represents the variety of percussive music in the different art and cultural settings of Berlin, and with it the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN cultural institute, founded in 1993 in Berlin, once more revisits its raison d‘être: the celebration of cultural difference and diversity – in one of the most rapidly transforming cultural cities in Europe.



SUNDAY, 22.01.2017

2-4pm | Café | Percussion-Workshop mit A. Mehnert & H. Göregen

5pm | Hall | 4 drummers drumming

6:30pm | Hall | Nabil Arbaain & Matthias Haffner

8pm | Hall | Lanaya

Presenter: Eric Vaughn
Project director:
Anette Heit


Day pass: €22 / €18 (student) / €12 (with Berlin Pass)
TAMAM at World Wide Music: €15 / €10 (student) / €5 (with Berlin Pass)
Raqs Night & Cairo Hip.Beat.Box: €10 / €5 (concession)

*Programme subject to change

SUNDAY, 22 JanuarY 2017





Turkey / Germany

SUNDAY 22.01.2017 | 2 PM - 4 PM | Café

Hogir Göregen - Kurdistan

Alfred Mehnert - Germany

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SUNDAY 22.01.2017 | 5:00 PM | Hall

FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING whisks the listener away into the soundscape of drums and percussion. It is the brainchild of Albrecht Riermeiers, who has brought together musicians from different styles to present atmospheric productions with a rich arsenal of percussive instruments.
FOUR DRUMMERS DRUMMING has no fixed formation, meaning that each of their 3 CDs is unique in its own way, as each of the contributing musicians presents their own style in the original compositions.



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Nabil Arbaain & Matthias Haffner

Syria / Germany

SUNDAY 22.01.2017 | 6:30 PM | Hall


Nabil Arbaain

Matthias Haffner 

Nabil Arbaain is an oud player from Damascus, Syria. Matthias Haffner is a percussionist and lives in Berlin. Together they want to emphasise positive aspects, as a contrast to the madness in Syria. Their music helps heals wounds, makes the lived hell more bearable, forms connections without words and stops at no borders. The duo’s music has depth, and is moving and captivating. It awakes longing and gives hope: hope for a peaceful world, and for being creative together. Nabil plays the Arab lute – the oud: a pear-shaped string instrument and the predecessor of the guitar. Its sound melds perfectly with Arab percussion instruments, such as the frame drum, Darbuka, Tar, Riq or Bendir. The duo plays its own compositions as well as traditional Syrian music. Wonderful melodies from 1001 Nights, accompanied with fascinating rhythms such as the Samai, Maksum and Lef.

Nabil Arbaain: Oud
Matthias Haffner: Percussion (Tar, Riq, Tof Miriam)


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Burkina Faso

SUNDAY 22.01.2017 | 8:00 PM | Hall


The group Lanaya has made a reputation for themselves in the Berlin world music scene for being something special among African bands who play traditional music.
The majority of musicians come from Burkina Faso in West Africa and can draw on the rich cultural and musical heritage of the Manding people who live there. The other members, who come from Guinea, Argentina and Germany also have a deep musical background. Yet only through the openness to each other’s cultural and musicals worlds, the friendship with each other as well as the involvement of the stylistic elements and instruments of the various nations have they been enabled to create a totally unique sound which goes far beyond the usual offerings at African drum concerts. They will perform the world famous, powerful and furious rhythms, songs and dances of the Manding, as well as music from other African cultures. The entire repertoire has been arranged for modern stylistic elements such as electric guitar and the saxophone. Lanaya can thus reinterpret old, quiet, powerful, sad or joyful traditional pieces with melodic grooves, and African rhythmic improvisations.


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