February 2017


Unter Weißen - Was es heißt, privilegiert zu sein

Tuesday 14.02.2017 7:00 PM | Saal

Admission: Free entry

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Mohamed Amjahid


Black History Month

Book premiere: "Unter Weißen - Was es heißt, privilegiert zu sein" (Among whites - what it means to be privileged"

About unconscious privileges and hidden racism – also in Germany – from the perspective of someone who is confronted by these things on a daily basis. Author Mohamed Amjahid reads from his new book "Unter Weißen - Was es heißt, privilegiert zu sein" (Hanser) and holds a discussion with the audience.

There will be a book table.

Presenter: Jenny Friedrich-Freksa, chief editor of KULTURAUSTAUSCH.

Exclusive free blog posts for everyone are here: http://mamjahid.tumblr.com/


How does someone who belongs to, yet to many people looks foreign, experience Germany? Mohamed Amjahid, the son of a Moroccan “guest worker” and, as a journalist for a German newspaper, an involuntary “role model for integration”, is confronted with the fact that he is not white on a daily basis. He holds up the mirror to the white majority in society and shows that discriminatory behaviour and racist prejudices are in no way only found with incorrigible right-wingers but also by those who consider themselves to be enlightened and tolerant. In a pointed and self-mocking way he makes it clear that racism has a lot to do with privileges – even if one is not aware of their own ones.

Unter Weißen - Was es heißt, privilegiert zu sein. (Among whites – what it means to be privileged).
192 pages, Hanser Berlin
ISBN 978-3-446-25472-5

Presales here: https://t.co/K4ihNIi7T1



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 Black history Month

Every year in February, Black History Month is celebrated in numerous countries, with events focussed on Black culture and history. The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is also taking part, with various events that make Black culture, history and current topics visible. In February 2017, we are organizing the four-part BLACK MUSIC RENAISSANCE, in cooperation with the award-winning pianist Kelvin Sholar, for the third time. Starting on the 3rd of February 2017, we will be presenting classical and unique musical styles from the African diaspora in the Americas and Eurasia: hiphop, blues, work songs, jazz, reggae, soul, rock, Romanian tango, African Latino dance and Detroit literature.

FRIDAY February 03: Jaimeo Brown: HipHop, Blues, Work Songs and Jazz
FRIDAY February 10: Machete Horns
FRIDAY February 17: Kalavan Quartett
FRIDAY February 24: Shebeen: visiting the roots. A musical storytelling evening

The facilities of the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN are accessible to wheelchair users. Please call us in advance on +49 (0)30 60 97 70-0 to ensure proper access support.