July 2017


Strengthening personalities against ideological influences

Thursday 13.07.2017 12:30 PM | Seminar Room 2

Admission: free entry

Organizer: DeVi e.V.

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A further education course from DEVI e.V. – Verein für Demokratie und Vielfalt in Schule und beruflicher Bildung and the DeGeDe e.V. - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demokratiepädagogik


How can we support children and young people develop resistance towards radicalisation? Democracy and its values are threatened by this.
For this reason, educational institutions must take on responsibility in strengthening children and young people to resist anti-democratic and inhumane attitudes. Background knowledge and educational strategies are required for educators to act in a preventative way, and in serious cases, to deal with situations that arise.

Kurt Edler is a former teacher, adult educator and founder of the Hamburg consultation network against right-wing extremism. Consequently, he can draw on his long-standing practical experience.

Conversation with Kurt Edler

Kurt Edler will introduce his book “Demokratische Resilienz auf den Punkt gebracht”. Afterwards, two brief comments on the book will initialise a group discussion.




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