July 2017


Reading: Ali. A novel by Hussein Yassin

Wednesday 19.07.2017 Admission: 7:00 PM, starts: 7:30 PM | Seminar Room 1

Admission: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Curation: Viola Shafik


Ali. A NOVEL BY Hussein Yassin

Stories of a Palestinian during the resistance against Franco


Volunteers from many countries fought in the Spanish civil war, most of them on the Republican side. About 32,000 men and women fought in the “International Brigades”. From George Orwell to Ernest Hemingway, literature has shed some light on European and American individuals and groups who left everything behind and risked their lives on Spanish soil in a global fight against fascism. But little has been said about volunteers from other parts of the world.

Ali - A Story Of A Decent Man” is a novel by Hussain Yassin that follows the life of a Palestinian communist for whom the fight against Spanish fascism in Madrid, Zaragoza and the Sierra Nevada was the same as the one against French and British imperialism in Damascus, Jerusalem and Bagdad. And he was not alone. 

From peasant to freedom fighter to party member to international volunteer, Ali’s story as told by Yassin is an expressionist painting of the times with details swinging between a moving Spain and a moved Palestine.


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