October 2017


ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb

Thursday 19.10.2017 6:00 PM Meet up, 8:00 PM concert | Foyer

Admission: free entry

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen

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ARAB SONG JAM goes maghreb

New interpretations of traditional and popular Arabic songs!

every 3rd Thursday

6:00 PM: Meet Up and exhibition of hand-woven Moroccan carpets (Dr Marwa Abidou and Lea Balzer). Before the exhibition opens you can receive an introduction to the upcoming programme at the meet up in the foyer.

8:00 PM: Arab Song Jam, concert (with Alaa Zouiten).


With "ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb" the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN presents very special, traditional musical styles from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as part of LA SAISON ARABE.

The Moroccan oud player and fusion musician Alaa Zouiten will bring new interpretations of both popular and traditional songs from the Maghreb region to the stage, at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

The new ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb concert series bases its format on the Black American jam session culture of the 1940s. The first set of the evening was presented by a regular trio or quartet, while the second set had musicians new to the city introduced by the band leader.

Similar to the jazz jam sessions in all cities around the world being oriented towards The Real Book’s jazz standards, the new concert series ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb makes use of the rich treasures of the Maghreb song repertoire.

Alaa Zouiten - Oud
Muhammad Ra'fat - Drums
Robert Gromotka - Double bass

special guest
Chiha Kha - vocals

The ARAB SONG JAM concert series is a sub-project of the EU-financed project "The sound routes. Notes for getting closer" for the integration of refugees in Europe, that is being run by WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN in cooperation with its partner organisations in Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Entry to the ARAB SONG JAM is free of charge.




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