October 2017



Friday 06.10.2017 Doors open: 9 PM | Club

Admission: € 15 / €10 (concession) / € 5 (with Berlinpass) Children up to 14: free entry

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen



presented by World Wide Music / Shtetl Neukölln

produced by Studio Я of Gorki Theater Berlin

The current focus of the World Wide Music programme highlights the unique variations of Yiddish music.

"The Disorientalists regard Essad Bey as a linchpin for the most contemporary of all discourses: the deconstruction of identity. Identity as a claim, a mask, as a means of conveying new options of itself. To view the facets of these three is like holding a kaleidoscope in front of your eye: Known forms yield continuously new images and are hypnotic. The birth of the Disorientalists is one of the most glamorous moments of the legendary Studio Я, who Gurzhy, Kahn and Frenk shaped the face of right from the start."

(Sasha Marianna Salzmann - author, artistic director of Studio Я // GORKI)




The Disorientalists are a band who place the German writer Essad Bey at the centre of their narrative songs.
This author is not well known today, but he was during the 1930s in Berlin. Lev Nussimbaum was born into a Jewish family in Azerbaijan in 1905, converted to Islam 17 years later in Berlin, took the name Essad Bey and wrote some bestsellers in the pre-war period. His mother was friends with Stalin, his father was an oil industrialist. Essad Bey imagined himself as a Persian prince, denied his Jewish heritage and wanted to write the first official Mussolini biography.



Yuriy Gurzhy (RotFront), Daniel Kahn (Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird) and Marina Frenk (Kapelsky & Marina) aka The Disorientalists, present this strange but true story in their songs.

Cabaret, klezmer, oriental swing, ragtime and reggae are some musical styles they perform. They celebrated their premiere in Studio Я of Gorki Theater two years ago and the Berlin trio released their first album on Oriente in January 2017.

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